WinWin selects CPI’s SC Advance for VLT operations

WinWin selects CPI’s SC Advance for VLT operations

Friday, April 28, 2017 Posted by James Walker

WinWin, the VLT operator of Casinos Austria and the Austrian Lottery (Österreichische Lotterien), has signed a long-term preferred partnership agreement with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI).

Under the terms of the deal, WinWin will install CPI’s SC Advance note acceptor in all its video lottery terminals across Austria.

The company, which currently operates 16 VLT outlets across four Austrian states (Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tirol), has created a new gaming concept in the country by prioritising the player experience.

Gaming takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, with integrated cafés and bars, and great care has been taken to ensure the technology – straight down to the components of the machines – cannot be beaten. This includes the note acceptors.

The agreement with CPI, a Crane Co. Company, deepens an already strong partnership that dates back to 2011, when WinWin began specifying the legacy Cashflow SC note acceptor.

SC Advance is known for its powerful performance capabilities. It offers the best first-pass acceptance rate for street-grade banknotes in the industry, so players can be confident to use even the well-worn notes they carry in their wallets. And, by keeping jams and maintenance requirements to a minimum, the note acceptor can run without intervention for longer periods of time, contributing to a lower cost of ownership. 

Management at WinWin explained that player satisfaction has risen even further since changing to SC Advance, which they said provides “a perfect and seamless interface between the player and VLT itself. It accepts everything it should – on the first time – with zero acceptance of any frauds. And the machines seem to run forever”.

“Product reliability is of the utmost importance to VLT operators because service costs really add up when games are off-site and spread across entire territories,” CPI sales director Anette Jauch told “That’s why SC Advance is the ideal note acceptor for the market.

“With minimal wear components and an exceptionally low jam rate, games that utilise SC Advance run without maintenance or performance issues for longer periods of time. SC Advance is so reliable, in fact, that some of its early adopters haven’t experienced a single jam. Considering we launched the product in 2012, that is an enormous achievement. No wonder SC Advance has achieved the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.”

Jauch added: “Product modularity is another reason why SC Advance works so well for VLT operators. We offer a whole suite of modular extensions for SC Advance that empower operators with a tailored solution.

“Our larger SCM cashbox, for instance, can reduce the frequency of cash drops – and thereby lower associated labour costs – while providing additional protection against games going out of service from reaching capacity too early.

“Our Easitrax solution, which allows operators to track slot performance from remote locations, also adds value where the installed base is spread across large geographic areas. Easitrax is actually being rolled out in large numbers to VLT operations throughout Europe right now.”

TotallyGaming says: SC Advance has proved itself so well in WinWin’s VLT operations that the company is now working to upgrade its entire field base. The note acceptor can run without intervention for long periods, meaning the cost savings for the operator will now really start to add up.


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