Using ICE to discuss blockchain's gambling potential

Using ICE to discuss blockchain's gambling potential

Friday, February 3, 2017 Posted by Andy McCarron
Quanta is sponsoring two sessions discussing blockchain technology

ICE Totally Gaming has been described as an ‘excellent platform’ for discussions about blockchain technology and its uses in the gambling industry.

Quanta, the world’s first provable transparent, decentralised and autonomous lottery platform is sponsoring the blockchain conference sessions that are being held on 7-8 February 2017 at the Pitch ICE stand at ExCeL London.

Hans Lombardo, advisor to Quanta, explained why the firm has agreed to align itself with the sessions: “As ICE is a major event for the gaming industry, Quanta sees it as an excellent platform for generating awareness about Quanta's innovative lottery platform and the strengths of its blockchain technology. Later this year, Quanta will be offering its proprietary cryptocurrency, QNT, which will be used to secure lottery buyers entitlements on the platform.”

The session is being run in partnership with GamCrowd  and is aimed at providing an overview and genuine insight first, into what blockchain actually is and what it represents in terms of the opportunities and disruption across many sectors, and second, gives ideas of how it might affect the gambling sector.

As an example, Lombardo explained how Quanta has used the blockchain technology for its ground breaking lottery product: “Quanta is harnessing key features and strengths of Ethereum blockchain and smart contract technology to create a fully automated lottery system that is ultimately fair and ensures that human manipulation is impossible.

“The key strengths and features from the Ethereum distributed ledger system include immutability, disintermediation, trustlessness, cryptographic security, anonymity, as well as strong network validation and authentication.

“A major requirement for obtaining a lottery license is for the platform’s RNG method to pass randomness tests. For its RNG, Quanta lottery will also use a SHA3 cryptographic hashing algorithm widely used on Ethereum blockchain for hashing the inputs that are used to output a random number.”

As this free session is intended to point out, the removal of intermediaries, and it properties in relation to validation and authentication, blockchain promises opportunities across the sector that will do nothing less than change the way the gambling business operates.

Tuesday, 7 February, 2017

15.00 – 15.05     Welcome from Chris North, CEO, GamCrowd.

15.05 – 15.25     Introduction to Blockchain 101. Matthew Warner. Journalist, Chain-Finance.

  • Defining the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology -  Key Features
  • Evolution of Blockchain Technology: From Bitcoin to Smart Contracts & DApps
  • Why Blockchain is as a Potential Disruptor of Gaming.

15.25 – 15.45     Blockchain case studies.

Hans Lombardo advisor to Quanta will give a presentation of Quanta’s revolutionary lottery platform which has been built on the blockchain.

Marco Cuesta, Co-Founder of FirstBlood with present his esports platform that uses the trustless and provably fair properties of the blockchain.

15.45 – 16.15    What will be the impact of Blockchain on the Gambling Industry?


Chris North, CEO GamCrowd.


  • Hans Lombardo, Advisor to Quanta
  • Adam Vaziri, Director, Diacle
  • Eddy Travia, Pioneer blockchain investor, CEO at Coinsilium
  • Patricia Lalanda Blockchain Lawyer, LOYRA Abogados
  • Marco Cuesta, Co-Founder, Alt-Options & FirstBlood

16.15 – 16.30     Questions will be taken from the Audience

The session is also repeated on 8th February 12.30pm to 2pm.


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