The need to protect how lotteries help grassroots sports

The need to protect how lotteries help grassroots sports

Monday, July 4, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
A European report has flagged up how lotteries fund grassroots sport

European Lotteries need to be protected because of the role they play in encouraging grassroots sports, according to a report by European innovation think-tank the High Level Group.

In its report titled ‘The High Level Group on Grassroots Sport', the organisation highlights the significant role that European Lottery operators will play in the promotion and funding of sporting initiatives, and suggests that lawmakers recognise that and help protect it.

As part of its recommendations to ‘public authorities’ in EU, the report included the need to ‘promote and safeguard the role of national lotteries in financing grassroots sports and take measures to prevent illegal betting’.

Following nine months of intensive research carried out by fifteen independent experts under the leadership of the Commissioner Navracsics, the think-tank will present its recommendations on keys areas of health, learning, social policy, sustainable financing, urban planning and project infrastructure.

The High Level Group’s publication has received the support of the European Lotteries (EL) association for recognising the positive role that member state operators will play in regards to the sustainable financing of ongoing sports projects.

EL President Hansjörg Höltkemeier commented: “EL Members belong to a sustainable model which is based on principles, like solidarity, precaution and integrity. Driven by these principles, Lotteries have been a sustainable pillar of funding of grassroots sport in Europe.

“In fact, our core principles enable Lotteries to go even further and consider sport as a tool for social inclusion and non-formal education and we are delighted that these dimensions are clearly reflected in the High Level Group’s Report. We now have to work hard towards the implementation of these significant recommendations”.

EL detailed that at present European Lotteries contributed more than €2 billion in the financing of grassroots sports initiatives, with EL stakeholders further detailing the economic benefits of its contributions which it estimates has contributed to circa 40,000 direct/indirect jobs.

Detailing potential future impacts, Höltkemeier and EL stakeholders urged European Union member states to ensure the role of national lotteries in financing grassroots sports and take measures to prevent illegal betting

Totally Gaming Says: “There’s little doubt that national lotteries provide a great deal of funding for sporting events, especially at the grass roots level. This report is a useful political tool, both when dealing with EU-level legislation and national regulators, as it provides a greater social context for the lotteries at a time when Member States are under pressure to open up their gambling markets.”


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