Interview: GTECH tackles ‘unique market’

Interview: GTECH tackles ‘unique market’

Monday, December 15, 2014 Totally Gaming

In the second part of’s exclusive interview, GTECH Americas president and chief executive officer Jaymin Patel explains how the company is navigating the complex North American market. Is the US market a difficult one for regulated and responsible gaming companies?

Jaymin Patel: “As a global company that only operates in legal, regulated gaming markets, GTECH has adopted an advanced system of corporate governance to ensure our activities are consistent with the objectives of regulatory and corporate compliance, including adhering to gaming laws and regulations in every market we serve. We have a dedicated, experienced global Compliance team that ensures ongoing and consistent compliance with the rules and regulations in every jurisdiction where we are present. 

“Every legal, regulated gaming market is unique – no two are exactly alike. For that reason, I wouldn’t say that the US is more challenging than any other jurisdiction. I want to emphasise that integrity is a core value of GTECH. Our Code of Conduct establishes the standards of behavior and the high level of integrity expected from all employees and representatives of the company. The Code demonstrates our commitment to the highest ethical standards and integrity in the business.” It’s an interesting time in the US regulated gambling market, to say the least. What are your hopes for the future of the US market, and what changes do you expect in the coming years?

JP: “Offering games on the internet is a growth area and a key part of our strategy. In particular, internet gaming is attracting new consumers through social gaming and the growth of mobile devices. Our customers are recognising that online and mobile gaming will play a critical role when it comes to building new player bases.

“We know that different types of players play on a PC versus those using mobile/tablets, and operators need to see them all across those three channels. We expect to see this trend intensify as regulations evolve in the coming years.

“While convergence is a key trend, however, we recognise that interactive and land-based gaming remain very different markets. As a company fully immersed in both worlds, we develop strategies with our clients to appeal to players in each segment.” What are the most exciting prospects over the next 12 months for GTECH worldwide?

JP: “We’re excited about being in a position to support our customers as the demands on their businesses change, and as opportunities arise for them to expand and grow into new games and channels.

“However, regardless of the changes we anticipate, our customers will always need to be heard. They know their players and their communities better than anyone else. To continue to be successful in 2015 and beyond, GTECH is committed to always listening, and to putting our customers first.”

GTECH Americas' headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island

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