Innovative and adaptable Lotto instant Win brings multitude of benefits

Innovative and adaptable Lotto instant Win brings multitude of benefits

Monday, February 12, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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Product showcased at ICE London 2018

Detailing the launch of its new Lotto instant Win (LiW) product at ICE London towards the end of last month, Pin Projekt duly delivered and showcased the product at ExCeL extravaganza.

With little detail known ahead of the launch, spoke to the firm’s chief operating officer, Vedran Katić, to ask for a little more information regarding the product and why it will appeal to customers and potential clients: “The idea was to build something completely new in the lottery industry, because we found that lottery players, who are very loyal to the game, are missing that instant gratification part of the lottery.

“They like to bet on lotteries, they like to play lotteries, but they hate to wait for a week to see the results.

“What we have done is a 24 hour live stream, with 2,000 draws per day, in four different studios, so right now we have studios that have new draws each five minutes, ten minutes or the fastest studio has draws of up to one minute, which is totally revolutionary when you compare it to other lottery offerings.”

“What we found was that once we started doing this, we weren’t just innovating with lotteries, we were innovating with streaming technology as well.

“And now we have this crisp picture, with crisp sound, that really adds to the quality of the product, and it is something that we have come to know, from talking at ICE with potential clients, that they [are] actually amazed by not just the type of the game that we develop but quality of the product itself.”

Offering a variety of games with bets and jackpots across retail, desktop, mobile and betting terminals, the appeal for punters is clear.

But for operators, Katić stresses his firm aims to have LiW fully adaptable for any market worldwide: “The drum always has to stay in once place, because when you certify a studio you don’t certify just the drum you certify the entire surroundings, for security and in order to run a successful lottery operation.

“The girl (hostess) she can be somewhere else, she doesn’t have to be near the studio, although she appears to be.

“The idea behind this was to scale the product, because we have found that sometimes people want different languages.

“If we want to use different languages we need a different dealer, if wanted a German language we had to have a German live dealer etc, it would make sense to hire live dealers that speak other languages because now our clients can build their own green key studio just for the girls, and we can mash the pictures together for them to look like they are in one place.”

Totally Gaming says: On the surface, with a number of different draws taking place, we could well be looking at the future of live lottery. Customers are promised an exciting and engaging experience, unlike anything seen before in the industry, and with a customisable product able to be offered across many markets the overall target, it is hard to bet against Pin Projeckt and Lotto instant Win.


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