ICE: What will the gaming and lottery industry look like in 2030?

ICE: What will the gaming and lottery industry look like in 2030?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Totally Gaming

The gaming industry is set to evolve into several different iterations over the coming 15 years, with collaboration and ultimately immersion emerging as the dominant theme, according to Phil Holmes, Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s vice-president for strategy and planning.

In an interactive seminar at ICE Totally Gaming today (Wednesday), Holmes highlighted the likely scenarios of intrusion, circumvention, collaboration and immersion.

However, he acknowledged that market dynamics and the rate of technology adoption would provide significant uncertainties.

According to Holmes, intrusion is characterised by a fragmented market and a low level of technology adoption.

“It is hard to believe in this scenario as now everyone has a smartphone or a tablet,” he said.

“However, WikiLeaks, the NSA’s scandal and data detection have made people more aware of the fact that technology might be used in a way that it was not designed for.

“Surprisingly, we can now see a rise in sales of old-fashioned technology. What is more, online services like Delete Me, which can erase all your social networks profiles, are becoming much more popular today.

“What impact does it have on the industry? In the future, anti-gaming groups might become more organised and radicalised.”

The issue of circumvention – particularly in the murky world of regulatory changes – will also have an impact on the industry.

“Circumvention is when you download a movie through the Pirate Bay or BitTorrents,” Holmes added. “The reason why you can do it is that the speed of the market differs from the speed of regulation.

“In these circumstances your company becomes irrelevant, because you are not allowed to do some things that others can,” he added.

Generating much more processing power would allow the immersion scenario to unfold, which is defined by fully immersive gaming and gamification, Holmes said.

“I have no idea how much steps I took on my way to office or how much hours did I sleep this week. This data is implicit,” he added.

“But if we make it explicit, we can collate and compare it. If you can do that, it means that you can compete and gamble against it.”

The interactive session concluded with Holmes discussing the issue of collaboration.

“It is commercially inefficient to have service duplications. So if you put two lotteries together, there will be a bigger slice of cake to share,” he said.

“We think that the industry will go from circumvention to collaboration and then to immersion, that will be the dominant scenario.”


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