ICE: Camelot UK insight chief outlines importance of structure in data analysis

ICE: Camelot UK insight chief outlines importance of structure in data analysis

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Totally Gaming

Nick Bonney, head of insight at Camelot UK, has highlighted the importance of context and structure in data analysis if those in the gaming industry are to take full advantage of such information. 

Speaking to delegates at the Data Insight and Business Intelligence Conference, at ICE Totally Gaming 2015, Bonney outlined the importance of handling large amounts of data in the right way in order to fully utilise the information.

“Managers are bombarded with too much information and the more data we have, the harder it is to see patterns,” Bonney told delegates at the ExCeL in London.

“The important thing for Camelot to consider is how we can join data together to help the business and players.

“We understand content and structure are key in data analysis. Without structure, this makes us slower, not quicker. With all this data, are we actually getting more adept at the way we make decisions? It’s not about how much data we’ve got, but how it’s structured.”

Bonney is new to the gambling industry having only taken on his role at Camelot 18 months ago. However, he does have experience with various major brands and has used this knowledge to improve how Camelot handles data.

“We have to remember the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ in terms of the data we gather,” Bonney said. “If we are not paying attention to why people are doing what they are doing, then we can easily miss a trick.

“We also have to beware of the missing piece […] and understand the value of building a complete view of the customer. If we only consider responses from digital avenues, that’s not enough as we also have to pay attention to what’s said in retail.

“You also have to remember consumers don’t always say what they want. You cannot rely on transactional data in isolation and it’s critical not to have a kneejerk reaction to something said on social media.”

Having put these ideas into practice, Bonney has already noticed a number of major changes in the way Camelot handles data.

“We place a big focus on integrating teams in order to integrate insights,” Bonney said. “We consider ways in how to join between the outside world and the business.

“We work with players to develop new products, and also look at other lotteries in different markets to see what works for them. If we come up with an idea, we think about the data structure that has to go behind it.

“We’ve also had success in creating new platforms to facilitate integration. The ‘Camelot – Player Hub’ was launched in Easter 2014 and has attracted 5,000 sign-ups. This has helped bring together a group of players, which in turn allows us to analyse data from these customers.

“We’ve also noted an exponential increase in the number of available sources to us. We launched a new web platform in autumn of last year that gives us sales data, while data from Adobe tells us about a player’s web journey.”


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