Guest Blog: Join me to discuss the future at the Scenario Workshop at ICE

Guest Blog: Join me to discuss the future at the Scenario Workshop at ICE

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Totally Gaming

What will the Lottery and Gaming industry look like in 2030? This is the key question that Atlantic Lottery asked at the outset of our strategic exercise. We didn’t have the answers. So we built a framework to help us explore the possibilities, writes Phil Holmes, Atlantic Lottery Corporation's vice-president of strategy and planning.

Through this process of exploration, we have uncovered some fascinating insights, and developed four scenarios for the industry – Intrusion, Circumvention, Immersion and Collaboration.

We will share these insights and the framework with you during the free Scenarios workshop on February 4 as part of ICE Totally Gaming.

Our scenarios framework enabled us to consider the industry and our own company through 12 different lenses. Each lens was focused by defining a key question. The answers to our set of key questions evolve as we continually develop our knowledge base and perspective.

In collaboration with Clarion Events, we shared our initial thinking with the industry as part of the EiG conference and we will share our updates as part of ICE. At the Scenarios Workshop, we are creating an opportunity to further the industry dialogue. This is where you come in….you are invited to contribute your views, your thoughts, your ideas and your insights on the evolution of the industry as part of the free workshop.

During the scenarios workshop, we will outline our industry scenarios and explore the 12 areas of our scenarios framework, but, to get us started, here are a few of the key questions we used to focus our model:


The governance lens explores the key question “How might the Governance frameworks need to evolve?” Through the focused response to this question we define how all those involved in the stewardship of Lottery and Gaming organisations might evolve to deliver the short term and long term economic objectives for their organization within the framework of constraints defined through legislation and regulation which sets the context for governance.


The products lens explores the key question “How might products evolve?” Given that it is the consumption of our future state product portfolios (by players) which will generate the future state revenue streams, this key question explores how product portfolios might evolve in order to remain relevant to players and drive top line sales. 


The technology lens explores the key question “How might technologies, technology products and technology platforms evolve and what will be the disruptive technologies?” Through the focused response to this question we examine how companies might evolve their technology infrastructure to an infrastructure or model that will consistently enable the delivery of lottery and gaming products at a market competitive price point.


The players lens explores the key question “How might player preferences evolve?” Through the focused assessment of responses to this question, we consider how a lottery or gaming company might grow the size of its player base as well as diversify the player spend profiles in each channel by understanding and anticipating player preferences and responding to these preferences through adjustments to product portfolios within established RG principles.

At the workshop we will explore the inter-connectedness of model and share insights into how activities and events happening within each segment of the model might adjust the trajectory of the industry – I hope to see you there.


Vision 2030 – Game Changer Scenarios is a free-to-attend workshop, part of ICE Totally Gaming’s free seminar offering, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 4 February, 14:30–16:00 in South Gallery Room 9.


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