Case Study: GeoLotto Viral Video Campaign

Case Study: GeoLotto Viral Video Campaign

Monday, February 9, 2015 Totally Gaming

The Brief:

The Media Image (TMI) was asked to generate brand awareness for GeoLotto (a UK location-based lottery game company) and maximise views of their videos. GeoLotto had put together an exciting, interactive project which saw one of their reps walking the streets of several cities throughout the UK trying to hand out envelopes of cash.

TMI was tasked with providing guidance on video edits in order to increase the shareability of the videos, and to optimize GeoLotto’s YouTube channel. In addition, TMI was asked to produce a forecast of the minimum number of views based on the budget, average click-through rates and TMI’s experience with similarly themed video campaigns.

The Strategy:

Geolotto wanted the majority of the outreach to be organic. Some budget was allocated toward paid advertising on Facebook and YouTube, but the majority was assigned to attracting online influencers and high profile websites to share the video content with their own followers. The Media Image provided critical feedback on the structure of the footage and the musical overlay while working to optimise the brand’s YouTube channel for playlists and meta data.

The TMI outreach team identified and contacted influencers with large online followings, and shared the video content with communities across multiple social media platforms. As soon as the videos were released they were submitted to key audiences, which rapidly expanded interest and awareness from an early stage. The TMI outreach specialists contacted the press to spread the word. As the TMI new media producer, Julia Rhodes, liaised on the videos, the finalised videos were both entertaining and shareable, thereby carrying the project to the next level.

The video content was published on GeoLotto's YouTube channel as well as their Facebook page. These were chosen as the platforms from which video content was most likely to be shared, and were focused on to preserve budget. The TMI outreach team worked to get online personalities and popular websites to embed the original video in order to add to the total trackable views, although in some cases the video was re-uploaded by other sites.

The Results:

Originally TMI projected a measure of 10,000 views for a test campaign where two short GeoLotto web videos were marketed. As of 30 January 2015 just one of the two videos had attracted 49,455 views. This is a total which represents views on YouTube and those from videos uploaded separately to Facebook; it doesn't include views of the video on any sites which re-uploaded the videos themselves, such as the Daily Mirror. This means that the total reach could easily be twice as high as the figure above.

You can see below that the GeoLotto content on the Daily Mirror was shared 969 times.

The videos have been shared thousands of times, with major news outlets covering selected segments.

In mid January 2015 GeoLotto said, “The coverage has been positive and we even had a request from BBC Radio for our video presenter David Fabbro to go on radio this morning.”

Also, the Channel 4 TV show "The Last Leg" got wind of viral video footage and wanted to share it on their live television show.

The video uploaded by brought in over 23,000 views on its own. UniLad’s Facebook page boasts 4,000,000+ Likes and the GeoLotto video they shared to their audience received over 500 comments and 5,000 Likes. brought in an additional 2,000 views.

In early February 2015 the TMI outreach team discovered that one of the GeoLotto videos was uploaded to the Edinburgh Evening News’ Facebook page and generated 250,000+ views on that Facebook platform alone.

You can see below that the video received 1,148 Shares and 1,900 Comments.

The GeoLotto viral video campaign has seen an 830 per cent increase in GeoLotto YouTube channel video views and a 1,150 per cent increase in minutes watched on their YouTube channel. In addition, Geolotto brand mentions were massively increased across the web as thousands of comments across multiple platforms streamed in.

As of 5 February 2015, the GeoLotto video views had reached a trackable view count of 370,697 and they are still growing. Untrackable views are estimated to be an additional 30,000 at least. That means a total of approximately 400,000 views for the six web videos released at the start of the outreach campaign on 22 December 2014.                                         

Further information:

To learn more about the video marketing services provided by The Media Image (TMI) please visit:

The UK has accounted for 60 per cent of the views, followed by Australia and the USA bringing in seven per cent each. People have consumed the content equally between desktop and mobile platforms. The average view duration stands at 74 per cent, far exceeding the standard 20 to 30-per-cent rate.


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