Analysing the popularity of private lotteries

Analysing the popularity of private lotteries

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
Whilst gambling products continue to grow and expand, lottery remains one of the most popular and traditional ways in which people gamble across Europe

As the popularity of secondary and private lotteries continues to grow, one of the key reasons that they remain one of the most sought-after forms of betting is the associated societal benefits.

Speaking to, Lotto24 CEO Petra Von Strombeck stated that as "a private broker selling the original lottery, Lotto24 brings lots of benefits for both lottery operators and society".

“For society our brokerage activities have provided around EUR 450 million billings which means EUR 180 million for good causes up to now as around 40% of lottery stakes are received by the state in the form of taxes and duties.

“According to the Association of German Lotteries figures, almost EUR 3.0 billion of lottery money was used to support good causes in 2016. Of this total, EUR 1.7 billion benefited projects in the field of culture, sport, society and welfare, as well as landmark and environmental protection.”

Von Strombeck added: “More than a quarter of these funds were used in the field of sports and some EUR 1.2 billion of lottery taxes flowed into the coffers of Germany’s regional states. These states in turn also supported various direct and indirect measures – also via lottery foundations – in the field of environmental protection, cultural and landmark protection, as well as social and charitable work.”

Addressing how the picture is different for secondary lotteries in Germany, she said: “As the secondary lotteries are not permitted in Germany and therefore do not participate in the official German lottery market they do not pay taxes and they do not support the corresponding good causes in Germany. For the operator they are a threat to products and market.”

Totally Gaming says: Whilst in Germany secondary lotteries are not permitted so they don’t pay taxes, the popularity of private lotteries has been highlighted in the resurgence of Lotto24, as the online lottery broker’s growth recently lead to its share prices reaching record heights. This was something that the company’s CEO put down to concentrating all its efforts on excellent customer service and best usability in all channels that are relevant.

Petra Von Strombeck will be discussing the benefits of private lottery further on a panel at this month’s eagerly await EIG conference at The Arena Berlin, 30 October – 1 November. The theme for 2017, Generation Hybrid, will focus on key challenges and opportunities facing the iGaming industry, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and how to engage with Generation Z. To find out more information about the conference and to register, Click Here.


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