Analysing the landscape for lottery affiliates

Analysing the landscape for lottery affiliates

Thursday, February 22, 2018 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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Breaking down why less of an ethical emphasis has been placed on lottery affiliates

There is much less of an ethical emphasis on lottery affiliates compared to those looking to drive traffic for sportsbook and casino products, according to Head of Acquisition at LottaRewards Lawrence Wilson.

There are two key factors in the alternative landscape and more lenient ethical enforcement for lottery affiliates.

Firstly, it relates to how different the betting product supplied by operators is, as not only does lottery appeal to a much more varied audience, but it’s also consumed in a contrasting way to sportsbooks and casinos.

Secondly, lottery also entered the affiliate market much later than sportsbooks and casinos, which were already building a strong affiliate footprint. Furthermore, the differences in the product meant that lottery affiliates couldn’t simply replicate the approach that had already been adopted by established affiliates, they had to evolve and form their own strategy.

In recent times, the marketing techniques of affiliates have been scrutinised with a host of rulings from the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) punishing operators for questionable techniques made by rogue affiliates.

Since then, the rulings against affiliates have taken a notable decline as they have adopted a more ethical approach to driving traffic. However, with the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) further restricting gambling advertising standards, there will be further emphasis on affiliates to ensure that they continue to produce content of the highest integrity.

On the other hand, less pressure has been placed on lottery affiliates when it comes to the strategy they undertake with regards to driving traffic, something that Wilson outlined was partly down to how lottery is consumed.

He told “Compared to casino and sportsbook affiliates, I would say that there is less ethical emphasis. For starters, nobody has ever spent $100,000 on purchasing lottery tickets over the course of a weekend. The truth is that participating in lotteries is not seen, by the vast majority of people, in the same light as having a punt on the ponies or a few rolls of the dice on a craps table.

“The online lottery acquisition funnel is also far less competitive and aggressive than it can be with online casinos and sportsbooks, with the emphasis more on enabling customers to enjoy their experience across a variety of lotteries for a longer period of time than the 'bait-and-hook' of no deposit bonuses.”

He added: “Of course, our brands do recognise that some customers can let their imaginations run away from them on occasion, and so the customer service and retention teams do keep a very close eye on the activities of their customers to ensure that everyone continues to enjoy a fun experience.”

Totally Gaming says: Mobile represents the most utilised platform, with Statista predicting that the amount of time Americans spend on their mobiles daily will grow to an estimated 203 minutes by the end of 2018. Therefore, based on the fact that online lottery is so well suited to mobile betting, it’s impossible not to see the market expanding for lottery affiliates in the coming year.


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