1on1: Winners Group Philip Wilson on why 2017 is the 'year of the lottery'

1on1: Winners Group Philip Wilson on why 2017 is the 'year of the lottery'

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Posted by Andy McCarron
Secondary lotteries are making their mark globally

Phillip Wilson, COO of Winners Group, speaks to TotallyGaming.com about the potential of lottery products and how they can complement an existing gaming portfolio.

Totally Gaming: Hi Phillip, thanks for the interview can you detail to our readers Winners Group lottery products and services?

Philip Wilson: Winners Group provides a world leading platform, insurance and risk management services to service the hugely underserved online lottery sector. Our Insight platform allows our partners to launch insured secondary lottery products with jackpots that match, and in some cases exceed, state lotteries from around the world. Our platform runs seamlessly across desktop and mobile, and is packed with innovative CRM and marketing tools that enable our partners to unlock the full potential of the online lottery vertical. Insight is fully compliant with EU AML laws, and meets strict regulatory requirements in key European and international markets.

TG: Where do you see your interactive lottery services and products fitting in within gambling’s wider value chain?

PW: As margins are squeezed, and competition continues to increase, we remain surprised that the gigantic lottery vertical is overlooked when so many consumers play on a regular basis. Lottery can sit within any brand as a complementary product, as well as a cost effective acquisition vertical, and particularly in sports goes a long way to serve the retention needs when acquiring players for mass market events such as Cheltenham.

Lottery has been neglected by most operators to date simply because the right product hasn’t been available to them, and the payout of jackpots hadn’t matured to a risk reward ratio that was acceptable. Insight changes that, opening the door to traditional lottery players ready to embrace online for the first time.

It is a win/win for operators, allowing them to expand their player base, generate an additional revenue stream, and offering modern risk management services backed by institutions such as Lloyds of London.

TG: As a gambling product, has lottery established itself as a digital vertical? Is the reality that Lottery is still very much a land-based function?  

PW: Not yet; the global lottery industry is worth around $300bn per year, with online accounting for just a fraction of that. But the rise of secondary lotteries is rapidly bringing the vertical into the modern era, in Australia for example, it already accounts for 3%.

They offer players greater choice and more opportunities to engage with lottery draws from around the world, while selling tickets online and via mobile provides the convenience players expect. Operators are slowly seeing the potential of lottery, and it’s up to suppliers such as Winners Group to deliver the technology, platforms and products to meet their needs.

TG: How do new online lottery operators, create a valuable and engaging consumer proposition when competing against established and well-funded national legacy operators?

PW: We never recommend competing directly with the national operators, they have an established business model but we offer an opportunity to be disruptive and offer more choices. National operators have trust and a long history in their favour, and in our experience you have to be not only good, but better, and undercutting prices is just not enough.

Secondary lotteries open the door to hundreds of draws taking place around the world, giving players choice and the chance to play lottery on a more regular basis. We offer more than 3000 regular jackpots every year, and with the ability to use RNG based draws, we can offer insured draws every second of every day.

What’s more, secondary lotteries use the insurance model – insurance companies cover the payout in return for a premium – and so you don’t need to sell billions of dollars’ worth of tickets to match or exceed official jackpots.

TG: How do you see Winners Group products and services growing in the coming months?

PW: 2017 is very much the year of the lottery, and we will help several tier one online gambling operators go online over the next 12 months. We are also hard at work iterating and improving our platform so that it remains cutting edge and offers our partners and their players the best possible experience.

We will introduce an exciting new RNG based product over the next few months with explosive jackpots, and we believe online lottery will blast off on the same upward growth trajectory as online casino has now that operators are aware platforms and products such as Insight are available to them. 


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