William Hill: Why the future's bright for British racing

William Hill: Why the future's bright for British racing

Thursday, May 3, 2018 Posted by Joseph Streeter
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We spoke to the operator about the state of play for racing

Last month, William Hill trialled a new bet guarantee offer on TV races for retail and online customers, a move that acts as an affirmation of the operator’s continued focus on its racing offering.

We spoke to Rupert Adams, International PR Manager at William Hill, who detailed to us how the group is aiming to set its horse racing offering apart the competition, as well as what horse racing can do to grow its audience.

TotallyGaming: What can betting operators do to attract a younger audience to the sport of horse racing?

Rupert Adams: Continue to make as much racing as possible is readily accessible and free or as cheaply as possible. ie Betting TV and not putting it behind a subscription channel.

TG: William Hill recently started trialling a new bet guarantee offer on TV races for retail and online customers, how important is it that online value is matched in shops?

RA: Not imperative that it is matched like for like as they have a different demographic. Clearly certain concessions are easier to manage online than in retail, but we must ensure that retail is not ignored.

TG: How important could in-play racing be to elevating the popularity of horse racing as a betting product?

RA: I’m not convinced this is that important, as picture latency will always be a barrier and punters will be sceptical of the integrity.

TG: Do you anticipate the value of racing to retail betting will grow after the government introduces regulations for in shop gaming terminals?

RA: Clearly when the government introduce changes to our terminal offering, it will mean that in % terms racing will produce a higher part of our profit. But it will be very difficult to get machine customers to start betting on horses as the vast majority have no grounding/interest in the sport.

TG: Can you reveal how William Hill is continuing to grow its Racing offering in the year ahead?

RA: There are a number of innovations we are trailing and we look forward to unveiling them in the coming year.

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