The understated power of direct communication: A Q&A with Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson

The understated power of direct communication: A Q&A with Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson

Friday, October 20, 2017 Posted by Michael Lawson
Hansson talks through the company's retention strategies

Since its formation in 2008, Enteractive has grown into one of the leading retention services providers in the iGaming industry. has spoken to CEO Mikael Hansson about the back-to-basics approach taken by the company, and its plans for continued growth. 

Totally Gaming: At a time when most companies are attempting to utilise the latest in advanced targeting technology, why do Enteractive instead opt simply to use the phone?

Mikael Hansson: The one-on-one phone call may be regarded as an old-fashioned way of communication, but speaking to someone directly is a powerful engagement tool.

As is often the case, operators will look to various techniques to contact their users, and the phone call is a complementary tool, but also a necessity.

In fact, we know that engaging with churned players over the phone can actually convert around 30% or more into becoming active again, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on an operator’s bottom line.

However, one must not forget the foundations behind the ability to reach such targets.

At Enteractive we have optimized our methods for almost ten years, and built a dedicated Reactivation platform supporting our service delivery.

Ultimately that impacts contact and conversion rates. Our platform gives us extreme flexibility of campaigns, intelligent call scheduling, progressive dialling and more.

We are constantly working hard to remain at the forefront, so doing this properly is not something you do as a side project.

TG: What strategy does Enteractive employ when reaching out to these players?

MH: Our agents are trained to speak to the individual about what kind of content they prefer, and the reasons why they have become inactive. It’s all about listening really.

In effect, the conversation is much like a survey and allows the agent to build up a picture of the player’s likes, dislikes, and current circumstances.

The advantage of talking to these customers on a one-to-one basis is that we can also flag potential vulnerable individuals to our clients.

At Enteractive, we are certified in Responsible Gaming and our Reactivation team often guides players through different possibilities and tools to restrict their gambling if they wish to do so.

This approach can be as simple as setting limits on losses and deposits, depending on the individual client, and in some cases shutting down accounts.

By working with us, operators can make sure they build a stronger relationship with players that don’t have gambling problems, and better help restrict gambling with the ones who do.

TG: As well as targeting churned players, Enteractive also offers a premium customer support service. Can you describe how it differs from customer support offered by other companies?

MH: High-value players traditionally receive the VIP experience in the online gaming industry, and rightly so. But why limit that special treatment to a certain segment of your audience? Particularly at a time when firms are looking to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition in such a saturated market, providing a top-notch customer service could hold the key.

At Enteractive, our player support service can be tailored to an operator’s needs, helping reduce headcount and costs internally, as staff are trained to understand a company’s brand and tone of voice. Crucially, this service is proven to help active players stay on board once they’ve been reactivated.

TG: Looking to the future, what measures are in place to ensure the continued growth of Enteractive?

MH: Most recently, we announced the addition of former Cherry Group CEO Fredrik Burvall to our Board of our Directors, which is a major coup for us.

He’s got an incredible track record in the industry, and I’m sure his experience will prove very valuable for us as we look to grow our presence across the globe.

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