Test, improve, repeat: A Q&A with Frank Litjens of Bet Informed

Test, improve, repeat: A Q&A with Frank Litjens of Bet Informed

Monday, November 6, 2017 Posted by Michael Lawson
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We caught up with him to discuss Bet Informed and the ever-increasing desire for data

Frank Litjens is the Head of Product at Bet Informed, a football statistics startup focusing on providing the best stats and analytics to football fans. 

Can you begin by introducing Bet Informed as a company and describing what it is you do?

At the highest level we’re a Saas Analytics company (AaaS). We consume, process and prepare (raw) data to visualize it in a dashboard our users can set up for their favorite football team(s). Next to that we add an extra layer that shows the odds for upcoming and live matches.

There has been a large shift towards betting on data and statistics recently, and this market is becoming increasingly saturated. What makes Bet Informed stand out from the rest?

From its inception we approached it from a usability design perspective putting the team fan at its core. By standardising the visualisation of all statistics, gathering and comparing the odds from our partners and making this available in a uniform and consistent environment, we provide everything needed to make an informed decision in an easy, fast and clean way. We provide a pro-level statistics dashboard but make it accessible, understandable and actionable for everyone.

When data and statistics are constantly evolving and being updated, how do you ensure you keep up?

We are lucky to have an amazing team of engineers and product managers, a great relationship with our partners and a lot of processing power.

You list a number of big-name betting companies as partners, including bet365, Betsson and Ladbrokes. How important is it to build up a strong portfolio of partners?

For the vision we have for our product, very important. We are an independent provider of data visualizations and odds comparisons and want our users to be able to choose from the most trusted ‘names in the industry. That way we can maintain our level of quality and through collaboration and API integrations with our partners give them the best experience possible.

You divide your statistics into three levels: ‘Historic’, ‘Pre-Match’ and ‘Live’, why is this beneficial for your customers?

Because we want every decision to be just one click away. So if you want to see the Historic performance of a team, you click the Historic tab and there you will instantly have it all. From “Goals By Head” to “Goals Over Match Time” and from “Shots On Goal” to “Winning Streak”. And you can always add extra Graphs showing even more statistics if that’s what you need. Now, if you want to see the performance of a team against its upcoming opponent, you click the Pre-Match tab. There you’ll see the same graphs but then only relating to the previous encounters between the two teams. And if you want to see the live performance statistics, then simply check the Live tab during a match.

Looking to the future, how will you make sure Bet Informed continues to grow and expand?

Learn from our users, learn from our partners, test, improve, repeat. It’s become a cliché but we love it!


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