Rhineland: A stylish ‘Touch Sport’ terminal for any environment

Rhineland: A stylish ‘Touch Sport’ terminal for any environment

Thursday, April 26, 2018 Posted by Luke Massey
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Touch Sport is a freestanding kiosk terminal developed by Rhineland

Rhineland has stepped into the shoes of the end user to develop Touch Sport, a stylish terminal designed to fit any play environment, writes Kim Bekker, the company’s EU Sales Manager.

The global betting and gambling industry is still developing rapidly. Some places faster than others, but one thing common to all countries is that games and sports are inextricably linked.

This link has, in many ways, triggered the development of betting opportunities, but it has also served to expand the knowledge of sports that in the past might have been left in the periphery.

Today, you can bet on all types of sports from a single terminal, set up in predetermined gambling shops, supermarkets, or even a single terminal in a corner shop. Suddenly, sports enthusiasts can follow everything from dog racing to golf, cycling, pigeons and so on.

RHL has marketed some concept solutions at betting terminals and we are constantly developing. Our latest model is "Touch Sport", and we allow ourselves to call it a 100% solution, to a self-service terminal for any type of betting shop.

The stylish design fits into any play environment, ease of use is optimal and the terminal is designed to handle all payment options such as contactless, cash and credit card.

As always, when RHL develops a new design, we put ourselves into the user's place. Clarity and access must be uncomplicated, and as a user, an all in one solution has priority where all forms of bets must be available from the same terminal.

Of course, the terminal must also be easily accessible and easy to handle for the venue. For example, when replacing printer paper or emptying the coin container. Here, Touch Sport wins all parameters, with quick and easy access for the operator to all parts.

RHL are confident that the timeless Touch Sport design will last for many years. Of course, as with all our products, we will continuously develop it so it remains contemporary and meets all the requirements and standards our customers may have.

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