PBSA and Vegas Kings unite for 'Bookie' website

PBSA and Vegas Kings unite for 'Bookie' website

Friday, January 12, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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New website set to go live in Q1 2018

The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) is to work with Vegas Kings, the iGaming creative agency, to build the website for the new blockchain betting exchange app, Bookie.

The Bookie website is set to go live during Q1 of 2018, ahead of the Bookie betting exchange app launch later in the year, with the two firms also set to work together on the build of the Bookie affiliate website.

PBSA president Jonathan Baha’i has been speaking to TotallyGaming.com about the new launch, it’s multitude of benefits and aims for the rest of the year.

Totally Gaming: What is behind the decision to launch Bookie?

Jonathan Baha’i: We want to tackle many of the frustrations customers currently have with betting exchanges, by offering a product that delivers on the original vision of peer-to- peer betting. Advances in blockchain technology over recent years, particularly the launch of the Peerplays blockchain last summer, presents us with an opportunity to create a product that revolutionises exchange betting.

We realise that many of the ideals of the betting exchange – transparency, speed, fairness – were not being met by existing products. There’s been a lack of innovation around exchange betting as the focus has shifted back to sportsbook. We see an opportunity with Bookie to reach customers with something that once again places the exchange front and centre.

TG: Why choose to partner with Vegas Kings on this venture?

JB: Vegas Kings have worked with many of the biggest and most respected names in iGaming – including Betfair, Ladbrokes and BoyleSports – and have been working in this sector for almost two decades, so it was an easy decision.

We needed to partner with a digital agency which understood this industry, but were agile enough to be able to deliver on a project that aims to do something different within the space. Vegas Kings ticked all the boxes.

They will be building the website that allows users to download the Bookie app when it goes live later in the year, as well as the Bookie affiliate website, which will allow fully decentralised, on-chain marketing for Bookie.

TG: What benefits will this bring for users?

JB: The Peerplays blockchain enables us to offer a 100% secure and transparent betting exchange in real-time. Users will be safe in the knowledge that they are receiving a fair price, and will be able to access reams of data to inform their decisions.

The nature of the technology means that Bookie will be open to players around the world, who will be able to instantly deposit and withdraw funds without frustrating delays. And perhaps most appealingly, the technology enables us to offer extraordinarily low commission rates. The days when winning punters are punished by ever-increasing commissions are over.

TG: After going live in Q1 2018, how do you plan to grow?

JB: Once we are live with Bookie, we have some innovative plans for marketing globally, and will also continue to develop the product so we remain ahead of our competitors.

It is no secret that a betting exchange lives and dies on liquidity, but we are in the happy position of being able to access the Peerplays community, and have already received a great deal of interest in Bookie. The community is extremely strong and will provide a perfect jumping off point for bringing Bookie to a global audience.

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