How can machine learning add a personal touch for the millennial player?

How can machine learning add a personal touch for the millennial player?

Thursday, February 15, 2018 Posted by Joanna Mapes
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One of the largest generations in history, millennials, are quickly moving into their prime spending years. 

Study after study has shown that this lucrative segment are hungry for more personalized marketing. They have individual preferences that they want respected, heard, understood, and remembered. In short: millennials expect retailers to deliver a product or service that is built around their preferences and needs.

Interestingly, machine learning may be the key to delivering a more human touch, at scale, and thus winning the millennial dollar. In its newly published report, Playing a Smarter Game: How Machine Learning is Changing Online Gambling, data-driven payment solution provider Acapture examines what machine learning has to offer the gaming sector. Amongst its findings, it reveals actionable insights for capturing the millennial player’s business. 

Tailoring the customer’s experience 

Research from marketing firm Talend found in 2016 that online gamblers in the UK want a gaming experience that’s tailored with greater precision to their own preferences. 

67% of respondents stated that they would show greater loyalty to a brand that offered more personalized service options, while 72% said they did not feel their preferred bookmaker offers enough personalisation.  

For operators looking to satisfy these players, machine learning can make a huge impact. It can take into account information such as average session time, playing history, and betting style to build accurate and detailed profiles of different players. 

By piecing together the story of who they are and what they like, operators can offer millennial consumers the right promotions, suggestions, incentives and products at the right time. And that ultimately means creating a more personalized product and a more engaging experience.

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Reducing risky playing behaviour

Machine learning takes a more intelligent approach to engaging players. Crucially, however, it’s also able to identify when players are engaging irresponsibly, i.e. developing an addiction.  

One such solution comes from UK software analytics company BetBuddy, which offers an AI package that aims to combat problem gambling. 

Their machine learning algorithm collects an enormous amount of data patterns related to the behaviour of online gamblers. Analysis of the data then paints a clear picture of what normal, healthy betting practices look like. More importantly, it can also identify sharp deviations from these habits, and thus pinpoint the players at risk.  

The system achieves this by keeping track of key elements of online play, such as average stake, length of session and frequency of deposits. When it detects signs that somebody is beginning to play in a potentially damaging fashion, BetBuddy is able to target personalized communications and tips at the player. 

The critical takeaway here is that machine learning allows an intervention to be made before the player has developed a full-blown gambling addiction. Doing so demonstrates personalized attention and responsibility towards your players, which allows them to make informed decisions and play in a sustainable way. For the modern operator, this may well be the difference that gains your brand the trust and loyalty of the millennial customer.  

These are just some of the ways in which machine learning is affecting your sector. Want a more in-depth look? Then download Acapture’s free report today. From improved consumer engagement to increased conversion rates and higher revenues, it covers all the possible outcomes of the application of machine learning techniques in the online gambling industry.

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