Gor Mnatsakanyan - BetConstruct: Ushering in the future of betting

Gor Mnatsakanyan - BetConstruct: Ushering in the future of betting

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Posted by Michael Lawson
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Vbet transports players into a virtual casino world.

Technology provider BetConstruct launched a virtual reality casino product in Berlin on Saturday, the first of its kind on European soil.

Totally Gaming caught up with Gor Mnatsakanyan, the firm’s Regional Development Manager for Germany, to find out more about the product, and how it fits into BetConstruct’s ambitious growth plans.

Totally Gaming: Hi Gor, firstly why is Berlin an ideal location for the first VR betting shop?

Gor Mnatsakanyan: We chose Berlin because we have also opened an office here, so we chose Berlin as a starting point. We are then going to France in a month, and then England, then Denmark, Italy, Spain - all the places that we have licences or we can work legally.

TG: Okay, so tell me what is so special about the Vbet betting shop?

GM: Vbet is powered by BetConstruct, as you know, and now we are introducing all of our products here. So land-based casino, virtual reality casino, virtual reality casino with live dealer, all of these games are now available online in Germany, and soon across all of Europe, according to each country’s licence. For example, in France you might not have this or that, in Germany it’s another story, and that’s why we’ve chosen to start it from Germany.  

TG: Are you the first betting company to offer the virtual reality?

GM: So Vbet yes, we have developed the first in the world VR casino with live dealer and it will be in the whole of Europe soon.

TG: Tell me more about Vivaro Go, your free-to-play, location-based app game.

GM: Vivaro Go is a funny and unique product. It brings people from their house to the streets to find prices. At the moment, it’s only a marketing tool, so we don’t earn money with Vivaro Go. It’s a marketing tool - a fun game where you can win something special. It’s a good game because we think that, nowadays, a lot of people are only at home, spending too much time on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and we try to bring them out into the real world.

TG: Where do you hope to see Vbet and BetConstruct’s virtual reality offering by the end of 2018?

GM: What I want to happen and what will happen may be different! My wish is to succeed here in the German market, we are new in the German market and our company is trying something new, it shows that we are trying to be the best. To get bigger, better and to show the people our innovation. BetCloud, Betonpolitics, everything. That’s what we are willing to show. We will try to do our best in Germany, and get our piece of the pie.

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