1on1 with Steven Valentine at Comtrade Gaming

1on1 with Steven Valentine at Comtrade Gaming

Monday, July 24, 2017 Posted by James Walker
Comtrade recently added Romanian operator Bet Arena Interactive to its client list

Steven Valentine, director of interactive for Comtrade Gaming, discusses the gaming software specialist’s growth over the past 16 years.

Totally Gaming: Could you provide a brief history of Comtrade, and outline your key gaming solutions in 2017?

Steven Valentine: Comtrade Gaming has provided technology solutions to the gaming industry for close to 17 years. The early years were dedicated to outsourcing software development and helping vendors and operators build solutions that are still present in the market today.

Over the last seven years, we invested significant resources in our own IP by providing back-end gaming platforms for online operations and gaming systems for land-based monitoring and machine configuration.

This strategy has proven to be highly successful, and we now supply market-leading products to some of the largest operators, vendors and regulators.

TG: We recently reported on Comtrade’s new agreement with Bet Arena in Romania. How is this partnership performing?

SV: Our announcement came immediately after the deal was signed and we’ve directed our attention to the project’s demands. The client’s bold go-live timescales see that the launch will occur early in Q4. People have been quite shocked by online gambling’s success in Romania and we expect our partnership to do very well.

TG: What would you say to those within the industry who believe land-based and online gaming operations are rival – and not complementary – sectors?

SV: I am always surprised by operators that have offerings in both spaces, but still compete internally between the two at a channel-specific level. More often than not, there is a management strategy behind a converged solution, but many times this falls short with the land-based casino not wanting to promote their online offer within what that they see as strictly venue customers.

The need will always be there for both channels, but land-based gaming offers an experience that online will never be able to match, and online gaming provides a convenience factor that is channel specific.

This is similar to dining out at a restaurants verses take-away food. Although good restaurants are now getting in on the act of a converged offering with the likes of delivery services, the actual dining experience is still very different.

TG: Finally, what does the second half of 2017 have in store for your company? Can you provide a hint as to any new product rollouts or partnership deals?

SV: There is no doubt that we will be making another new client announcement before the end of the year and, again, this could be in a new market. However, we thoroughly evaluate every potential partnership and Comtrade Gaming prides itself on sustainable growth for current and future partnerships.

I hear many times about disgruntled clients whose vendor is more interested in their own growth than supporting the existing client base and we will always make sure not to fall into this trap. When we make a promise to client we stick to it.

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