1on1 with Seth Freedman on the lack of innovation in casino games

1on1 with Seth Freedman on the lack of innovation in casino games

Monday, November 21, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Be The House co-founder on what the industry can do to freshen things up

Seth Freedman, co-founder of Be The House, talked to TotallyGaming.com about the lack of innovation in online casino and what operators and suppliers can do to breathe life back into the vertical.

Totally Gaming: Why do you think there is so little innovation in casino and table games?

Seth Freedman: In short, money. Slots and casino games generate so much revenue for operators there is no real need to push the boundaries, or at least as much in verticals like poker where the market is trending downwards. But there are other factors at play, too. Online casino is a hostile environment with additional hurdles to clear when compared to sportsbook.

There are some great new ideas and products out there, and they are often delivered by smaller suppliers. But the process they have to go through to take their idea from inception to market is a complicated and challenging process to say the least.

TG How do you intend to tackle this?

SF: Be The House was founded by myself and Andrew Woolfson back in 2014 after we spotted a gap in the market. We spent two years developing our first product, Cash Out Roulette, which launched with Betfair last month. The interesting thing about myself and Andrew is that our backgrounds are not in casino and online gaming; Andrew has worked in finance most of his life while I was a correspondent for The Guardian and have written several books.

But I think that is to our advantage. Product developers have spent years trying to innovate in the casino vertical, with limited success. Our outside perspective allows us to see things differently and to bring fresh ideas and a new approach.

TG: What can operators and suppliers do to bring about more innovation in the online casino vertical?

SF: Take a more simplistic approach to innovation. Cash Out Roulette, for example; it is just a pimped up version of sportsbook cash-out reimagined for roulette. It is often the case that the simpler the feature or product, the greater impact it has. I think the industry as a whole needs to be more receptive to smaller suppliers, and work closely with them to help them bring their ideas and games to market in an efficient manner.

TG: So what is Cash Out Roulette, and why is it so innovative?

SF: Cash Out Roulette does exactly what it says on the tin – cash-out for roulette. More specifically, it is a new take on the classic game, offering bets on consecutive spins of the roulette wheel. Players can place bets on outcomes such as the appearance of a certain number over the next ten spins, or 18 red numbers in the next 25 spins, with the ability to cash-out during a multi-spin bet. 

We believe it is truly innovative as it enhances the player experience without tampering with the core gameplay. This is not the case with some other roulette products that have been sold as “ground breaking” when in fact they are little more than a novelty or fad. Cash Out Roulette is a product that will stand the test of time.

TG: What is in store for Be The House in the coming months?

SF: We are working closely with Betfair to ensure the integration and day to day running of Cash Out Roulette is seamless and smooth. Things are going really well so far, but we are not complacent and keep plugging away to give their players the best possible experience with our product. We are also in the process of preparing to launch with a number of other operator partners, which we are really excited about.

For us, it is important to continue to bang the drum for innovation, and we have a number of other products and features in the pipeline for additional casino games, which we intend to roll-out in the new year. So it’s very much a case of watch this space.

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