What might the Lottery and Gaming industry look like in 2030 and how might a gaming company respond to remain relevant?

What might the Lottery and Gaming industry look like in 2030 and how might a gaming company respond to remain relevant?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Totally Gaming

In my recent presentation at EiG in Berlin I talked about the process that Atlantic Lottery Corporation had embarked on to prepare for the future. As the result of Future Scenario Planning exercise, that involved a series of external and internal consultations and discussions, four alternative future environments have been identified. We believe that a blend of these scenarios will shape the trajectory of the industry in the years to come. 

The scenarios are:


This is a world with cultures in collision where there is a tug of war between governments who want to restrict and enforce rules around Lottery and Gaming and a tech-savvy, networked and socially connected citizenry who can easily circumvent those rules. Inconsistency in enforcement defines how people see things work in this world.


This is a world of science fiction – a world of intuitive machines, augmented reality, synthetic biology, wearables, sensory implants, genetic augmentation, self-tracking, predictive analytics and fully immersive virtual realities, where real time big data drives a quantum computing based gaming ecosystem, filled with disruptive alliances.


In this world, fear of intrusion and data privacy lead to increasing encryption, slower device performance and ultimately digital simplification where users fail to adopt technology innovations. Social activism is strong and at the extremes, morphs into radicalized opposition that undermines the security and integrity of technology platforms and ultimately, the industry itself.


In this world, fiscal realities force governments to examine how they work and look at alternatives to becoming more efficient, more competitive and affordable. In this world we see product, association and service collaborations in order to increase operating efficiencies.

Download the Scenario Book, developed by ALC, to find out more about each of those scenarios and about the Future Scenario Planning process that led to its creation.

Download it here

Phil and his team at ALC now invite the wider industry to discuss the future scenarios and provide input on how you see the future shaping up. Please share your opinion in the comments box below.

Phil Holmes will be leading a workshop on Wednesday, 4 February, at ICE Totally Gaming. More information available soon.

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