Video game sector veteran sees social casino potential

Video game sector veteran sees social casino potential

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Totally Gaming

Social casino games can still offer significant potential to the betting and gambling sector as it continues to converge with the video gaming sector, according to Don Daglow, the chief executive of Daglow Entertainment.

Daglow, a three-time Inc. 500 CEO and 2008 Technical Emmy Award recipient, is the only executive in the history of the games industry to lead development teams on every generation of the first three decades of video game consoles.

He will lead the Outside-In bloc session on trends and directions for digital gaming content on October 22 at EiG (Excellence in iGaming) in Berlin, Germany.

“I believe that the intersection between the two specialties will be largely governed by regulators, and it will be those politically and economically driven decisions that will play the largest role in shaping the parallels and links between traditional games and betting based games,” Daglow told

“That said, we have already seen the rise of cash buy-in fantasy sports games, which blur the line between betting and pay-to-play games.

“The use of social casino games as promotional and marketing devices for casino operators also strikes me as an area with great potential beyond today's early successes.

“We are accustomed to online marketing being a net expense, but well-designed games can have a positive cash flow as products, and as marketing programmes they serve as a window into the excitement of on-site casino gaming.”

Daglow believes the video gaming and betting and gambling sectors can learn a lot from each other in terms of user engagement.

“I think we have far more in common than many people realise, especially with the growth of the free-to-play game business model,” he added.

“The potential rewards for the player are monetary for betting and gambling, while for free-to-play games the rewards for putting down money are enhanced time-saving, customisation and personalisation.”

EiG 2014 will take place at Arena Berlin from October 21-23.

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