Totally Gaming Academy catch up with Arjan Korstjens

Totally Gaming Academy catch up with Arjan Korstjens

Thursday, February 1, 2018 Totally Gaming
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Totally Gaming Academy will complement its course previews at the TGA Theatre (S9-260) at ICE 2018 in ExCel London with daily panel sessions, combining its expert trainers to discuss a current issue within the industry.

The audience will be encouraged to pose questions and express views on a range of topics including online/landbased integration, responsible gaming and the state and quality of skills training in the sector. 

We asked Arjan Korstjens , chair of the panel at 2.30pm and speaker of the Casino Marketing Academy seminar at 3.30pm on Tuesday February 6th, few questions as he was preparing for the sessions next week.

  1. Why do you think the issue of landbased versus online is so important at the moment?
    When you look at the exhibition floor at ICE you can see the answer. In past couple years the floor space online occupies has increased, and now landbased and online have approximately the same share of the floor. When sportsbetting is taken into account, I think the traditional landbased-oriented exhibitors are actually a minority. But I don’t see many landbased operators tackling the issue of online very actively in everyday life. Often this is due to legal restrictions; sometimes the operators make the conscious decision to ignore the issue. And the consumer can only spend his or hers money in one place. In the wider world I see this integration in other industries constantly, whether it’s shopping, entertainment, you name it… I know what I would do from the landbased-perspective, but I am very curious as to how the online experts see it.
  2. What makes you think that the sector will take the issue seriously, rather than pay lip service to it (assuming you do think that)?
    From what I’ve seen, I can’t tell if the landbased sector is actually taking the issue very seriously. In some countries they seem to be hiding behind the law, perhaps hoping the storm will pass. In the countries where online is legal, I wish I could see more casinos working hard on their online/offline strategy. Sometimes they lease their brand out and put cameras on their tables, but that’s about it. In the casinos I’ve seen in the last few years, and believe me there’s been a few, I haven’t seen a single casino actively engaging me to go online or offering an integrated approach. But then again, I haven’t visited every single casino in the world, so I hope I am wrong and the exceptions are out there!
  3. What will be the consequence of us not confronting the issue?
    I don’t think landbased will be overthrown by online. It’s a different sensation, different feel and emotion, so they will continue to exist. But what if the online keeps on growing like this, getting richer and richer… What will the consequences be? When will we see the first physical Mr. Green and Royal Panda casino?

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