The secret formula to Casino Marketing success

The secret formula to Casino Marketing success

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Posted by Totally Gaming
Arjan Korstjens, Course Director of the Casino Marketing Academy

Arjan Korstjens, Course Director of the Casino Marketing Academy and Marketing & Communications veteran, founded one of the first online agencies in The Netherlands and has worked for brands like Unilever, Heineken and Peugeot. Since 2008, Arjan has specialized in Casino Marketing, working for Holland Casino, Lottomatica, Grand Casino Luzern, Merkur Casino and other operators. Ahead of his 3 day course between 19-21 June in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Arjan gives insight into his course and discusses his secret formula when it comes to the important business of successful casino marketing.

Building a Brand is the basis for all successful Marketing and Communications.

Over 25 years of marketing experience, I have two tried and tested models that will define your brand. The first is the BrandKey, a simple model that will describe your brand in 9 steps.

In my Casino Marketing Academy, we look at external factors, such as location, competition and target market. For example, we delve into what makes your target market tick, what do they enjoy, what do they want?

Next, we look at internal factors such as what do you offer your target market; your operation's personality; why should you target group believe what you are saying, what is your proof; what makes you different from your competition and defining your brand essence. Working through the 9 steps in this model will enable you to leave the course with a clear definition of your brand and with an in depth knowledge of your customers.

The second model we are working on is the AIDAS model. This teaches the process of not only attracting people to your casino, but retaining them too.

A is for Awareness – The customer has to know you exist. How do we reach the target market we earlier defined in the BrandKey model?

I is for Interest - Your communication needs to create interest in your target market. How do we create communication which appeals to them?

D is for Desire – Once interested how do you motivate them to come?

A is for Action – They’ve made the decision to visit you, what do you do for them now they are here?.

S is for Satisfaction - Did they get what they were promised? Did they like it? And will they come back?

In my 3 day Casino Marketing Academy course both models are explained in detail and each attendee will create their own version of the BrandKey and AIDAS model applicable to their casino. In the training sessions and exercises, we dive deep into the different casino target groups, their expectations and how to win them over with promotions. Attendees also learn how to use media: outside the casino on TV, radio, outdoor, but also online in Social Media and inside the Casino with Multi Media, signs and staff. All these components will add up to making the ultimate communication plan: choose your target group, set the goals, work on the insights of the target group, determine key message, do the math on the effect, what is the ROI and how to execute it. 

The training is completely tailored to Casinos and you will see a lot of inspiring good and bad examples from casinos from all over the world, leaving the training with a lot of ideas and templates you can use when you return.

Casino Marketing Academy takes place in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on 19-21 June and 11-13 September, click here to book a place or click here to download the agenda.

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