Nexus 101 Start-up Clinic Workshops preview - what we do

Nexus 101 Start-up Clinic Workshops preview - what we do

Friday, January 30, 2015 Totally Gaming

ICE Totally Gaming has linked up with Nexus Gaming Intelligence to provide five, two-hour long, intimate environment workshops on their stand, N2-320. Here, Igor Samardziski, the founder and CEO of Nexus Gaming Intelligence, looks at the topic of gaining the maximum output with the minimum input.

Gain the maximum output with the minimum input:

I we had to pick a single attribute to focus on that is a clear indicator of operational efficiency, it would be the Net Revenue gained from Gross contribution – the percentage retained as profit.

It is the culminative value of all attributing factors in any gaming operation, from acquisition conversion funnels which control the ultimate cost per active, retention and churn management incentives holding a strong influence on both the hold percentage and supplier costs, via supplier cost influence by economies of scale, right down to overheads required to sustain the traffic-flow.

They are all indicative factors of G-ROI and N-ROI in any given operation; and each holds a plethora of ways to drain the revenue away without positive return. This is what the 101 - Startup Clinic is about.

We hand-picked a few key influences in operational drain and covered them in more detail, focusing on risks of acquisition funnel and what loss of conversion from various influences does to the CPA (cost per active) value of the customer, and ultimately your quarterly projections.

We focused on retention and something we like to call the “consumer happy place” – the span of time when your customer, and yourself are in sync with what their contribution to your business are and when does their lifetime progress start costing your business too much retention budget for their net worth – and can that budget be directed elsewhere. We look at varying customer types and their risk/benefit factors and finally, your resource and whether you utilise it to its maximum capacity.

To read a Guest Blog by Igor Samardziski on ‘Competitive Age – Empowering your resource’ and Neuron Gaming Solutions, click here.


ICE Totally Gaming has partnered up with Nexus Gaming Intelligence to provide five, two-hour long, intimate environment workshops on their stand, N2-320, which will enable you to address your areas of interest with veteran consultants from within the industry. No topic will be off the table for discussion, with cross-platform product delivery, CRM, churn management, consumer profiling, fraud and risk management, regulatory movements among the areas set to be covered. Workshops are free to attend, but seats are extremely limited and pre-registration is highly recommended.


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