ICE: sports betting heads call for original personalisation strategies

ICE: sports betting heads call for original personalisation strategies

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Totally Gaming

Harrison Bani, head of sportsbook at Betfred, has called on companies in the sports betting sector to stop copying customer personalisation techniques used by competitors and instead develop new strategies in order to win new business.

Speaking at an ICE Totally Gaming 2015 session focused on multi-channel sports betting techniques, Bani told delegates that the industry is some way behind other entities in terms of personalisation due to the tendency for competitors to copy one another. He called for operators to pull away from this approach and instead create new strategies in order to get ahead in the market.

“As an industry, we are very far behind other online entities in terms of the type of personalisation we can offer,” Bani said. “Personalisation is key for us because it means differentiation from the competition.

“However, in our industry, there is an endless circle of copying and it’s important not to fight over the same thing. I believe personalisation creates a unique selling point and the power of such an offering is endless if we can do as well as other entities, such as Google and Amazon.”

Bani expanded on this point to encourage operators to “break the mould”, not only in terms of personalisation techniques, but also other services that they offer.

“Although there has to be an understanding of what the competitor is doing, the ones that will stay ahead are the ones trying to break the mould and be innovative,” he said. “People are too interested in looking at competitors in our own industry, instead of looking outside our industry to see what others are doing. There is more there than you will find in our industry."

In response to Bani’s encouragement to be original with ideas, Olivier Kaplan, sportsbook product manager, Betclic Everest Group, said that although his company has always been focused on personalisation, as a relatively new operator, it is important for his company to see what major firms are doing if it is to become a success itself.

Kaplan said: “We were early adopters [of personalisation]. We wanted to push something that was easy to understand and try to improve the way the customers can get offers.

“We are young so we still have to look at competitors. There are things we want to do but are not able to yet. We have to know exactly what customers want[…]if a mainstream operator does it, we have to as well.”

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