ICE London to feature first Consumer Protection Zone

ICE London to feature first Consumer Protection Zone

Thursday, November 30, 2017 Posted by Joanna Mapes
ICE London
Clarion Gaming cement commitment to social responsibility
Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s Head of Industry Insight & Engagement

Clarion Gaming will be promoting the social responsibility message at world gaming's most important business event, with the launch of the The Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London 2018. The Zone will provide a focus for the social responsibility message and feature key organisations that are promoting social responsibility as well as a platform for presentations.  The Zone is the latest in a series of social responsibility initiatives undertaken by Clarion Gaming and which include the annual World Regulatory Briefing on Responsible Gambling Innovation, also held in London and the Social Responsibility training streams run by the Clarion owned Totally Gaming Academy.
Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s Head of Industry Insight & Engagement, and the person responsible for organising the Zone, explained: “ICE London is not only the biggest gaming event in the world, but many industry observers regard it as the most influential. Wherever Clarion operates, social responsibility is one of the most important topics and that’s across both emergent and mature gaming markets. Although we are not part of the operating community we also have a responsibility to serve as a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange.
“Although The Consumer Protection Zone is at an early stage of development I can confirm that we will be creating an agenda with demos and presentations from regulators, providers and operators. I also hope to bring government officials, policy-makers and regulators to the Zone as part of the WrA and International Legislators’ Day programme. The industry has made important headway in helping to make gambling an entertainment experience as opposed to a negative or destructive one and there have been some really significant technology driven advances in the fields of responsible gambling using data analytics.
“We have the commitment to make this into a key part of the ICE London experience and I would like to hear from gaming stakeholders who would like to be involved. I can be contacted via:"

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