ICE: Gamesys urges designers to ‘respect’ different devices when developing games

ICE: Gamesys urges designers to ‘respect’ different devices when developing games

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Totally Gaming

Axel Gutschenreiter, senior digital designer at Gamesys, has called on developers to “respect” the device they are creating a game for in order to ensure the final product performs to the best of its ability.

Speaking at the ‘Game Design and Development’ conference at ICE Totally Gaming 2015, Gutschenreiter said game developers should not use other design conventions when creating their product as it may not perform as well as it should on a particular platform.

He gave the example of producing a game for an iOS device using the design conventions of Android and explained that this product would not perform as well as one that had been created using device-specific guidelines.

“If you are creating a product, then you must respect the look and feel of the device that you are designing for,” Gutschenreiter told delegates today (Wednesday) at London’s ExCeL.

“Don’t use design conventions for another device to develop a product for an alternate platform. You should always keep in mind what device you are developing for and see if it follows design guidelines for that particular device.”

Gutschenreiter also advised designers not to create a product that is more complicated than it needs to be, calling for designers and developers to work closely in order to produce the best possible games.

“It’s good to keep your costs down by planning ahead, establishing workflows and being clear from the outset over what you want to achieve,” Gutschenreiter said. “I want to see a lot more design and development love; when you start a project, get everyone in your team together and talk to each other. It helps keeps costs down and will be a lot less painful in the long run.”

Considering other ways of keeping costs down when developing new games, Gutschenreiter suggested designers pay close attention to HTML5 and the various benefits it offers. However, he also stressed that HTML5 should only be used when appropriate and is not suitable for use in all games.

“HTML5 is amazing because it has the promise of easy development, you can get it anywhere and it has browser support,” Gutschenreiter said. “However, it is important to remember that it cannot handle big games with features such as strong graphics and animations.  

“If you are trying to build something with all the bells and whistles, I would go native as it has better performance. However, for something smaller, then you should go for HTML5.”

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