ICE: Facebook can enable game developers to acquire and retain customers

ICE: Facebook can enable game developers to acquire and retain customers

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Totally Gaming

Gambling operators and game developers can use Facebook as a tool to both acquire new players and retain existing customers through various methods of interaction.

This was the view of speakers at the 'Cross-Platform and Multi-Channel Gaming' conference, which took place today (Wednesday) at ICE Totally Gaming 2015. While the online social network was previously regarded as an acquisition tool, all of the speakers agreed that it can now be used by companies to also retain existing customers by interacting with them.

Michael Byrne, director mobile business operations at GTECH, said his company uses Facebook for both acquisition and retention purposes and has been able to create an active community of customers through this approach.

“We have a very active community on Facebook and we are able to answer our customers quickly,” Byrne said. “To get it right on Facebook, it’s not enough to post things like pictures of kittens, but instead start a dialogue with customers that will continue.

“We don’t try and sell things, it’s about having the conversation with your players and creating an active community. We’ve seen a huge increase in the retention level of players that are active in our Facebook community.

Richard Lee, mobile marketing manager at Unibet, agreed that operators should not use Facebook for posting random items in the hope of gaining ‘Likes’, but instead to interact with customers.

He said: “We consider Facebook as an actual customer service channel. We use it to resolve complaints and issues with our customers by interacting with them. It’s not about random posts and encouraging deposits, but instead getting your brand message out there.”

Despite being considered as a form of competition to Facebook, Google’s Chris Harrison spoke of his admiration for the platform. Harrison, who serves as industry head – financial trading and eGaming at the company, said he was very interested in how Facebook is being used by those in the gambling industry.

Harrison added: “Although Facebook was being used primarily as an acquisition tool, I am very interested in the platform and how it is now being used.”

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