ICE 2015 workshop preview: Rethinking acquisition marketing

ICE 2015 workshop preview: Rethinking acquisition marketing

Monday, January 26, 2015 Totally Gaming

ICE Totally Gaming has partnered up with Nexus Gaming Intelligence to provide five, two-hour long, intimate environment workshops on their stand, N2-320. Here, Igor Samardziski, the founder and CEO of Nexus Gaming Intelligence, looks at the topic of rethinking acquisition marketing.


It’s no secret or any form of enlightenment to say that Acquisition of new customer is the driving force of any business. However when it comes to the Gaming Industry, acquisition marketing has a life of its own unlike any other industry, e-commerce driven or not, can speak of.

The dawn and raise of the online gaming has also seen the boom of affiliate marketing that very few industries in the past could take credit for, and even then, in far lower capacity than what we see today.

However, today and with over a decade under its belt, it’s time to rethink how the customer is driven to our business. During the ICE Totally Gaming workshops we will examine the consumer psychology that is driving the industry across the 3 mainstream channels: affiliate marketing, online media (PPC, SEO and bought real-estate) and touch on the effect mainstream media has had on the acquisition funnel.

We will also look into the costs associated with each of the channels and the effect they have on business net revenue; the way the return on investment is calculated and whether we allow ourselves sufficient cost transparency when acquiring new customers.

We look at current market incentives and their cost implications, from “match bonuses” as the driving force of new purchase incentive, down to “free money” offers heavily employed by the mainstream media. What kind of implication does this “2 for 1” or even “3,4,5.. for 1” approach bring to our net revenue  and conversion funnels, it’s implications toward the revenue share models employed today and the infamous “no negative carryover” approach majority of operators adopted for the affiliate industry today.

In addition we will look at the influence the major players of the industry have had on the rocketing SEO and PPC prices of the mainstream search and ad engines, and the new ways we must look at conversion funnels in order to compete with their enormous budgets.

We will analyse the effect and dilution of consumer value bought upon the wave of “free money” approach employed in the mainstream media. “Fishing with dynamite” comes to mind when looking at the benchmark statistics.

We look at the acquisition funnels overall, the do’s and the don’ts that must be recognised and acted upon to move it the new, far more competitive age that awaits us ahead, in comparison to what we were used to up until recently.

To sign up to the ICE Totally Gaming free two hour workshop kindly follow the link below and let’s discuss the industry today, recognise and provide insight into areas of risk and improvement you can apply to your business today that will have a tremendous positive effect to your bottom line. If you are new to this industry, this session is an absolute must to attend to gain insight into challenges that await.

ICE Totally Gaming has partnered up with Nexus Gaming Intelligence to provide five, two-hour long, intimate environment workshops on their stand, N2-320, which will enable you to address your areas of interest with veteran consultants from within the industry. No topic will be off the table for discussion, with cross-platform product delivery, CRM, churn management, consumer profiling, fraud and risk management, regulatory movements among the areas set to be covered. Workshops are free to attend, but seats are extremely limited and pre-registration is highly recommended.

For more information, click here.

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