"Game-Bling" and the future of sports betting

"Game-Bling" and the future of sports betting

Thursday, August 13, 2015 Posted by Jon Squire

Randy Haynes, coined the term 'Gamebling’ to explain the inevitable convergence of gambling and gaming due to the use of technology today. With over 40 years’ experience in the gaming industry, Randy will discuss the impact of technology on the future of the gaming industry, and why it is important to be appreciative of sports betting and the effect it will have on your casino offerings at the Slot Summit in Lima. 

Online gambling in Peru is legal and sports betting in Peru is extremely popular, the first online gambling website that opened in Peru was a sportsbook. 

In-play betting is now the dominant force in sports betting, accounting for up to 80% of bets. “I introduced this concept in the 1990’s, and even I couldn’t envisage the popularity of this type of betting. It’s all down to the ability to engage from multiple channels as and when gamblers like,” Randy said. 

“Many places are unsure of how to treat this opportunity, we need to educate each other to fully understand how to approach this new way of betting that is here to stay.

“Today players have 24/7 access to betting from multiple sources. Youngsters are attuned to technology, so the ability to fashion your environment to keep the millennials interested is the only way to prepare for the future of gamebling.” Randy explained. 

At the Slot Summit, to be held at The Atlantic City Casino in Lima from 31 August – 2 September, Randy will outline the future of this business and encourage the audience to think about the impact change will have on their environment, be they an operator or supplier. 

“Players of the future are, and will continue to be, attuned to modern technology. Just take a look at your children's habits. How will you embrace change and fashion your environment to remain relevant and keep the players interested?

 “I believe that the Game-bling industry is still in its infancy and has the potential to mirror the complexity and size of financial industry, with the advantage that the results are transparent!” 

To learn more about Randy’s session and the rest of the programme visit: http://bit.ly/1IJJ72I

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