EiG Interview - Phillip B. Shoemaker, Apple App Store's Senior Director

EiG Interview - Phillip B. Shoemaker, Apple App Store's Senior Director

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Shoemaker is very excited about the opportunities in AR and VR

Phillip B.Shoemaker is the Senior Director of Apple's App Store. Ahead of this year's EiG in Berlin next month Totally Gaming had the opportunity to quiz him on why he's attending, his relationship with the igaming industry and some of the insights attendees will hear during his keynote address.

Totally Gaming: Why is attending EiG important to you? What do you hope to achieve by attending?

Phillip Shoemaker: As the person fighting for iGaming apps at Apple, I have never been able to personally attend. I am interested in seeing the future of iGaming, and learning more about the industry first-hand. 

TG: How did you first get introduced to the gaming industry? 

PS: When William Hill first applied for membership in the iOS Developer Program, the knee jerk reaction was to reject any submissions, because iGaming seemed so verboten in the states. I took a deeper look, and started speaking with various folks within the industry to see what is necessary to get Apps allowed onto the store without putting anybody in jeopardy, legally speaking. 

TG: What insights can people look forward to hearing from you during your keynote address?

PS: As someone who has helped build the App Store, I am excited to tell the stories about the early days of the App Store, of iGaming Apps, and my thoughts on the future of iGaming.

TG: Although regulation in the gaming industry is 100% necessary, do you think that it can sometimes be an inhibitor to innovation and growth? Why?

PS: I strongly believe that regulation is often an inhibitor for innovation and growth in any industry. However, without regulation, everything becomes unwieldy and it is akin to the “Wild West”, where the bad players take over and damage the industry. In the App Store, I have seen many developers, although unhappy with some of our regulations, innovate around the regulations, creating amazing products, while pushing the envelope. I see the same thing happening with iGaming developers, and this is the type of innovation that effects change throughout the industry.    

TG: Are there any sessions, features or companies in particular that you’re most looking forward to seeing at EiG?

PS: I am excited at seeing the industry grow! Developers like AppReal and Easter Island Studios creating VR or AR type of iGaming solutions is something that the industry needs. I am also excited at understanding the mathematical models that help protect the customers from companies like Emirat. 

TG: What do you think the future holds for mobile gaming in regards to how customers engage with the tech?

PS: AR and VR. That’s all I’m going to say.

EiG takes place between 18-20 October. To see the full agenda click here and for more information regarding EiG visit www.eigexpo.com

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