EiG interview: Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Deezer

EiG interview: Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Deezer

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Posted by Totally Gaming
Deezer’s Golan Shaked will explore "the difference between online gaming and digital music”

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Deezer, reveals what delegates can expect to hear from his session at EiG Expo in Berlin this October.

TG: Why is attending EiG important to you? What do you hope to achieve by attending?

GS: I very much look forward to attending EIG again. On a personal level it would be an opportunity to catch up with former colleagues and friends. On a professional level such a gathering is a fantastic opportunity to keep up with the dynamic world of digital and e-commerce. The gaming industry has always been at the forefront of digital marketing and innovation. EIG is one of those gatherings where ideas are shared.

TG: How did you first get introduced to the gaming industry?

GS: Unlike many executives who started their career in gaming and moved up the ranks, my background is quite diversified. As a marketing strategist I was always intrigued by new technology and how it shapes our daily life. I began my career in New York with traditional advertising agencies and then moved into satellite TV and then mobile media.

I was recruited to the gaming industry in 2010. At the time I knew very little about the industry apart from the fact that it was a very dynamic market and a sort of a gladiator arena for marketers.

When I joined bwin, the industry was facing some of its biggest challenges with new regulations being introduced across various jurisdictions and technology shifting the customer experience from a single desktop screen to cross platform play including portable devices.

I managed various business units including Bingo, Casino, Poker and social gaming. My last position as Group Director was challenging as we navigated the company through significant changes and the ultimate sell to GVC.

Today I am the Chief Commercial Officer for Deezer - one of the world’s leading music streaming services. Our product serves millions of customers, is available in 180 countries and boasts a catalogue of over 40 million songs.

Deezer is a company which is revolutionising the way we consume and share music through its top-notch streaming technology and intuitive user interface. Competing against some of the world’s biggest brands combined with an opportunity to shape both our business model and how streaming will evolve seemed like the ideal challenge for me. Some would shy away from this environment, but it was music to my ears.

TG: What insights can people look forward to hearing from you during your session?

GS: I expect many of the people attending to have a good understanding of digital marketing and therefore my approach will be a bit more strategic. I will specifically discuss CRM or more precisely communicating with customers who are engaged with multiple products causing their attention span to be more limited than ever before.

I will also provide an observation about the difference between online gaming and digital music when it comes to customer dynamics.

TG: The abundance of data is clearly a massive potential advantage to operators but do you think it can also have an adverse effect because of the sheer volume?

GS: Some say you can never have too much data. I don’t fully agree with that. Data can be viewed in different contexts and lead to contradicting decisions. I am therefore a believer that you should obtain as much data as you can, but have the correct filters in place to allow decisions to be made in the context of the customer experience and your overall strategic goals.

This applies to analysing the data and more importantly to actions taken in regards to customer communications. More data should not mean more frequent communications. It should actually lead to less, but more effective messaging.

TG: Are there any sessions, features or companies in particular that you’re most looking forward to seeing at EiG?

GS: I always enjoy walking around the halls and learning about new game formats. I am particularly interested in seeing new developments using virtual and augmented reality which will certainly change the way consumers interact with online gaming.

I am also paying close attention to new marketing approaches when it comes to Millennials. These consumers have very different consumption habits and their decision making process is influenced by their constant connectivity and access to information. I am intrigued and want to learn more about them.

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Deezer is speaking at EiG on Day 2, at 12pm in the Mission Control: 2016 theatre. To see the full agenda click here and for more information regarding EiG visit www.eigexpo.com

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