Czech regulator explains changes to "outdated" legislation

Czech regulator explains changes to "outdated" legislation

Friday, November 27, 2015 Totally Gaming
Tereza Cejpová said that the Czech Republic welcomes responsible gambling operators

Attendees at World Regulatory Briefing (WrB) Eastern Europe will find out all the latest news on the Czech Republic's gambling legislation from one of the country's most senior regulators.

Tereza Cejpová, an official from the Ministry of Finance's Supervision of Gambling and Loterries Department, will run delegates through everything they need to know about the new regulations, which are anticipated to become law in just over a year’s time.

With different stories emanating about the bill over recent months, WrB offers an opportunity for gaming industry operators to find out the truth from one of the regulators leading the changes. Cejpová also aims to make the Czech government’s welcoming attitude to the regulated gaming industry clear to attendees.

“The Czech government's attitude towards gambling is clear,” Cejpová told “We welcome operators who provide services with strong player protection measures and are willing to enter into a fair dialogue with the regulator in order to provide a safe and transparent environment for the consumers.

“I will introduce the current legal framework of gambling, and will thus focus on new legislation within this area. I will concentrate on market transparency, and on creating a business friendly market for companies with seats outside of the Czech Republic. Finally, I will explain internet gambling, current and new monitoring process and the player protection measures.”

More than 50 organisations will be present at WrB Eastern Europe on Wednesday, December 2, with experts giving the latest news and opinions on developments in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, as well as the Czech Republic.

Cejpová will explain the current problems with regulation in the Czech Republic, most notably what she sees as a lack of protection for players and the fact that foreign-based companies are not currently able to offer games to Czech firms.

“With the advancement of technology proxies, and organised crime, current legislation has become outdated and thus ineffective," Cejpová said. "The current law fails to reflect new and emerging challenges and falls-short in protecting players.  It also does not allow entities with registered seat outside of Czech Republic to enter the market as operators.

“We aim to create an effective legal system to tackle the challenges of the 21st century in highly advanced technological world.

“Technology continues to advance, and new challenges emerge on a regular basis. The new legislation has reviewed these challenges and identified solutions in order to improve the legislative procedures and to ultimately create a safe environment for players.”

* World Regulatory Briefing Eastern Europe takes place in Bucharest, Romania on Wednesday, December 2. For more information visit and download the conference programme here

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