London high rollers boost UK casino performance

London high rollers boost UK casino performance

Friday, November 4, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Rest of country's regions report more staid figures

A spike in the house win for London’s high end casinos has seen the amount won by operators across the country in the past 12 months reach almost £1 billion.

Casino drop and win data is provided voluntarily by all casinos on a monthly basis to the Gambling Commission, and shows the amount of money exchanged for chips in a casino (drop) and the amount retained by the casino (win).

The latest figures, which compare September 2015 – August 2016 with the previous 12 months, show little change across most of the regions, except an extra £10m won by casinos in Midlands & Wales from an addition drop of £35m.

However it’s a different story in London where ‘high end’ London casinos managed to improve their House Win to 10.4% from a paltry 6.2% in the previous year. This means that while the drop for these casinos increased marginally (by £20m to £2,630,342,15), the total win shot up by 70% to £272,586,412.

In comparison ‘Other London’ venues saw revenues drop by 3% to £386,014,794 on the same drop.

Overall, the London high rollers boosted UK casino business with a 12% increase in win across the country to £997,138,203, even though drop was more or less static at £7,372,407,165. This means that the House Win for the period was 13.5% compared 12.2% figure from the preceding 12 months.

The highest regional House Win for the last year was in the South where it reached 15.9%, however even this was lower than House Win of 16.1% from the 12 months before.

Totally Gaming says: The flat nature of most of the UK casinos business (fluctuations from London high rollers aside) makes the sector’s push for greater machine allocations understandable. At the moment the casinos under the 1968 Act have a far more restrictive regime when it comes to machine numbers compared to the handful of 2005 Act casinos. Should the two types be given some kind of parity, then revenues would likely get a healthy boost.

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