Italian Dignity Decree causes ire

Italian Dignity Decree causes ire

Monday, August 13, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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Casino2k believes a compromise needs to be reached

Gambling advertisements have very much been a hot topic for some time, with the volume now broadcast/published across various media outlets outraging many quarters.

This has led to Italy implementing steps to ban all forms of gambling advertisements across all media platforms, with the country’s senate passing the Decreto Dignità (Dignity Decree), last week.

Progressing through the upper house by way of 155 votes versus 125, the decree comprises fifteen articles, of which one, dubbed by some sections as “the most controversial,” regards gambling ads.

Casino2k, the Italian online web gaming guide, is one party lambasting the moves made by the country’s deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio, believing many negative impacts will be felt as a results of the decree, chief amongst which is that “forbidding every type of advertising on the internet will result in illegal gaming coming back”.

The firm believes steps do need to be taken to aid responsible gambling, in addition to implementing further measures with regards to helping problem gamblers, but states it will not be achieved as a result of a blanket ban.

Outlining its alternative to the gambling advertisement ban, Casino2k addresses six restrictions that could be in place whilst allowing advertising only on specialised websites, magazines and newspapers:

  • A license for affiliate websites and website owners with strict and specific requirements chosen by government.
  • Every affiliate or affiliate company needs a legal representative who will be personally responsible for every breaking of rules.
  • Every affiliate or affiliate company needs to pay taxes in Italy.
  • 2% of affiliates income to be used against gambling addiction.
  • Slower games to fight fast bets which lead to deep addiction.
  • Government campaigns to increase culture of responsible gaming.

Commenting further on its stance against the decree, Casino2k went on to state: “The Government lacks knowledge of the market, they don’t understand how online gaming can be strictly controlled, players can ban themselves from gaming sites, operators can recognise addiction and block players. Artificial intelligence can also play an important role in preventing addiction and problematic players.”

Adding: “We think Italy needs better rules, because the ban on advertising would produce serious damages and would bring the market back to the early 2000’s. We hope that the government will try to understand how online gaming works.”

Totally Gaming says: The newly elected Italian government has taken significant steps to make many changes to the country’s law in its Dignity Decree, which it’s believed will be subjected to amendments before coming into full effect on January 1, 2019. Many parties have voiced objection to the advertising ban, citing an imminent rise in illegal gaming as a direct result, and it will be interesting to monitor developments in the immediate future. If indeed there are any at all.

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