How much will responsible gambling influence the industry?

How much will responsible gambling influence the industry?

Thursday, September 10, 2015 Totally Gaming
WrB speakers look to the future

Responsible gambling considerations will continue to have a major impact on the industry for the foreseeable future, according to a group of experts from gaming-focused companies and organisations.

In the final session of WrB 2015, moderator Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the Gambling Business Group, questioned a panel of specialists about what the industry can expect regarding responsible gambling moving forward. 

Conor Savage, customer experience development director at Betfair, highlighted that not all products and services within the gambling industry are the same and, as new technology is introduced, companies and operators should recognise this when compiling responsible gambling strategies.

“Not every gaming product is the same – it is not one size fits all,” Savage said. “Educating ourselves, customers and the public that we are taking different approaches to these products is really important. We, as an organisation, need to keep up because if we fall behind on a product or service, then we are in trouble.”

This viewpoint was partially reflected by Joshua van Raalte of Agency Brazil, who said it is up to the industry to respond to concerns from the public by working together to ensure such issues are addressed in an effective and professional manner.

Van Raalte added: “Action is going to be forced on the industry, or the industry needs to work together to build trust in what it is doing responsibly. The core is it is not just about helping people now who have problems, but also invoking trust in a number of different ways.”

Also weighing in on the debate, Clive Hawkswood, who serves as director of the Remote Gambling Association, warned that gambling companies must be profitable businesses if they are to address issues such as responsible and problem gambling.

He added that all aspects of a business should work if they are to be a success – much like companies in any other industry.

Hawkswood said: “If we are not profitable businesses, there is no industry. We can only achieve all these other things if we have a viable industry.

“If we do anything that makes products unattractive or not competitive, then we will fail. We need them all to work to be a success.”

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