Darion Lowenstein - Gamblit Gaming - Dear casinos, it's time for change

Darion Lowenstein - Gamblit Gaming - Dear casinos, it's time for change

Monday, May 15, 2017 Posted by Sam Cooke
Gamblit Gaming CMO Darion Lowenstein says as of right now they can only fulfill 15% of their orders such is the level of demand

Gamblit Gaming is one of an increasing number of companies that want casinos to wake up and smell the coffee. Younger customers aren’t playing the slots and this problem is only going to grow. Gamblit creates ‘gamblified’ games around what many of those aged 35 and below have grown up playing; video games.

Gamblit has a number of different products in its range and CMO Darion Lowenstein told us how he compares them more to a modern arcade than a slot machine. The company has launched in Las Vegas and elsewhere in California, and Lowenstein spoke to Totally Gaming about ‘revolutionising the casino floor’.

Totally Gaming: Can you tell TG readers what Gamblit offers and how you’re looking to modernise and re-energise casino floors?

Lowenstein: Gamblit is revolutionising the casino floor by making all new hardware and games that take the fun, social, and competitive elements of video games, mixes them with the excitement of wagering, and then brings them onto the casino floor. We give players a totally unique and exciting game experience unlike anything else on the floor today.

Totally Gaming: How concerned do casinos need to be about the demographics of their slot players?

Lowenstein: Extremely concerned. With the average age of a slots player becoming older and older and the gambling participation of a casino visitor diminishing year by year, it’s a huge issue for every operator.

Every company we speak to is looking for new ways to monetize their #1 demographic coming through the door, and we provide a fun experience that’s very different to anything else on the floor. I often compare our games more to a modern arcade than I do a slot machine.

Totally Gaming: How have you found conversations with casino operators to date? What has the feedback been so far on those you’ve demo-ed your TriStations in, and what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

Lowenstein: I would say the first few years people were tentative; and within the last year, operators began to get really excited about getting our games on the floor.

Now that we’ve launched throughout Las Vegas and locations in Nevada and California, it has been so exciting to see real customers playing our games. So far operators have been most excited with how much younger our average customer is; even though Gamblit games are pretty accessible to everyone, the average customer on a Model G table is in their 30s, vs the average age of a slots player at most locations being late 50s. I think they are excited to get our TriStation launch this summer with its library of hit single player games.

Right now we can only fulfill about 15% of the current demand (orders) we have for our hardware.

Totally Gaming: Are casino floors ready for VR products, or rather...are punters on a mass and commercial scale?

Lowenstein: There continues to be a lot of interest in VR gaming, but the process of getting it onto the floor as with anything in a regulated industry, is not as instantaneous. We are focusing first on our Model G multiplayer gaming table, and our TriStation with its single player games, before launching our VRS (Virtual Reality Sphere).

Totally Gaming: You develop some titles in-house and some, for example ‘Into the Dead’, you work with outside developers… why this approach and how do you decide on titles from third parties?

Lowenstein: The costs of developing original software is incredibly high; with partners like PikPok, who created ‘Into The Dead’ and futuristic racer Breakneck (both of which we will be launching onto casino floors this summer), we’re able to take incredible games that they spent years developing, refining, and creating a huge fan base for and bring them into casinos after a gamblification cycle.

This process gives us access to the massive amount of content already popular with consumers across the video game and app worlds, and customers in a casino can experience what they already know and love.Take ‘Into The Dead’ as an example; it had over 60 million downloads; other games in our portfolio like Jetpack Joyride had over 350 million downloads. That’s a huge advantage to getting customers on a casino floor to try out a new experience with a game they’re familiar with.

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