Could bingo be an Olympic discipline at Tokyo 2020?

Could bingo be an Olympic discipline at Tokyo 2020?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Mecca Bingo has a full marketing plan for the Olympics

It’s normally sportsbooks that get a kick from the Olympics, so it might come as some surprise to see Mecca Bingo associating itself with the international sporting event.

Mecca is attempting to pull off a publicity coup by launching a promotion to get bingo recognised by the International Olympic Committee for inclusion at the next games.

The Rank-owned bingo operator has published poll results that revealed that 95% of voters are in favour of the national UK pastime competing on the sporting world’s biggest stage. More than 1,000 respondents have declared their support for the UK’s top bingo dabbers to be certified members of Team GB and compete at Tokyo 2020. 

Mecca is even following through on the theme; it is beginning steps to propose a formal application as it claims bingo fulfils many of the criteria laid out by the IOC when considering new games for inclusion. This includes popularity in a large number of regions across the world, affordability in terms of practising and playing the game, as well as having a set of easy to understand rules.

Mecca Bingo’s Caroline Webb commented: “Successful bingo playing requires a steady hand, intense concentration and mental agility; three attributes that most athletes are keen to possess and that our members have by the bucket-load. All of the factors that make for a great game of bingo are evident within the criteria set by the Committee and we are proud to continue our campaign, knowing we have the support of over 95% of Brits.”

Totally Gaming Says: Bingo is not the first gambling pastime to try and be recognised as a ‘sport’. In the past poker players in the US have pushed for Olympic recognition, citing the skill needed to be a successful poker player outweighs the chance provided by the cards. Unlike Mecca’s frivolous attempts here, it was a serious push by poker players as it would have strengthened their claims for poker to be a sport in the eyes of the US law, and not subject to the restrictive online gambling regulations.

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