What do millennials want?

What do millennials want?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Posted by Sam Cooke
Coverage of the ICE 2017 panel session on millennials and personalisation

Millennials. All businesses want them, but how do you talk to them? Can you talk to them if you’re not on social media? Do they even talk at all? This session at ICE sought to provide all of these questions with answers from this panel of marketing experts.

Stefano Gorgoni, Head of Inbound Marketing at Hero Gaming opened the session by talking about what constitutes normal betting behaviour these days, and asked the audience to consider what’s next with mobile. He stated that personalisation is what’s changing today, with data meaning we can be directly offered markets that are, or should be, of most interest to us.

He brought up Alexa (the Amazon product) and the option to use voice activation to gamble. Gorgoni also discussed the future of sports and ‘the third venue’. The expectation is that there’ll be venues for people to attend via a virtual stadium. He then moved onto the discussion of what we’ll be betting on. As it began to sound more and more like a sci-fi novel, Gorgoni brought up the potential of people betting on robot sports and genetically modified humans with the ‘Trans-Human Olympic Games’.

Whether this is what the millennials will be betting on in their retirement is for now neither here nor there but regardless, this generation will have a long lasting impact on the betting industry. This generation is, in Gorgoni’s words, spending ‘more money on entertainment than any other in history’. Are millennials loyal? Gorgoni said very much so, as long as the company shares the same values then they won’t switch brand.

He brought up Amazon again as an example and noted that it’s a great example of a site that uses personalisation effectively with suggested purchases. Gorgoni closed by saying that the key is to suggest relevant content, and that it’s as important to de-prioritize irrelevant content.

Adrian Neilan, Former CEO, Irish Greyhound Board stated that this millennial generation spends one day a week on their devices. He also noted how younger generations are keen on crowdsourcing, and how if they like you, they can be fantastic brand advocates.

Neilan went on to discuss psychographics, this is the why they’re buying or consuming a product and so is incredibly valuable in marketing. Psychographics are about values, lifestyle and attitude. He stated that this generation look for fun, a short and transparent message and, vitally, instant gratification.

Neilan stated that “there can’t be a delayed response”. Reviews are important because they will check online first, and overall they’re engaged, they’re vocal and they’re not passive. He brought up the importance of video, as they’ll engage with this across devices more and more. Trust too, Neilan noted as a key component and that within this word of mouth remains by far the strongest form of advertising. Also, he said that millennials will give up their information willingly if it makes their experience better or easier.

Honing in on the audience, Neilan addressed a major ongoing debate in the wider gambling industry right now. This is the battle to change the perception of racing, and how this can be turned around to attract Generation Y and millennials. He noted Hong Kong Jockey Club’s bid to do this via their stadia design has been impressive, and others should look to emulate this model.

Totally Gaming says: Transparency and instant gratification seem to be the key factors in attracting and retaining millennials as customers whichever business you operate in, gambling included.

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