Tapping into the esports drama for live betting

Tapping into the esports drama for live betting

Friday, November 25, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Jens Hilger believes that commentators hold the key

Esports big data expert Jens Hilger believes that bookmakers need to focus on what markets to offer live betting on if they are going to cultivate a following amongst an esports audience.

Hilger’s company DOJO Madness has just signed a deal partnering with Betradar which  sees the firms able to provide comprehensive live odds on esports match ups and now that is possible, bookmakers have the opportunity to choose key live betting markets.

Hilger commented: “We will be able to provide a good depth of odds at the micro, granular level of in-play events. I think the most important part right now is that we offer what is being praised and hyped by commentators and hosts.

“What is so important in events at the moment is the drama that commentators present on a stream, and I think we need to transfer that to a betting opportunity. One of the greatest things in esports is the retake of a bomb spot in CS:GO. The probability of that happening is a big drama point in the commentary and so that’s obviously of great value.

“Similarly, if someone scores an ace in a round or a big clutch play is made then these are the events that are most interesting. They’re of huge excitement to the audience and the hosts and commentators place extra emphasis on them. These are the points that we would love to offer odds on.”

Hilger also touched upon the problems that big data companies like DOJO Madness have in the esports sector, when a new patch to a game can render all previous statistics almost useless.

Rather than complain about it though, he believes that it provides an extra vibrancy to the sport. “These games change and it’s great for esports in general,” he said. “If there weren’t gameplay patches in a lot of these big titles, people would probably get bored. You might argue that they’ve changed for the better and the greater of the game – if you tweak a game sometimes then the game will feel like it’s renewed. Kind of like “this is soccer 2.0 and that’s exciting”. The challenge for us is that large chunks of historical data can suddenly become obsolete overnight with the announcement of a new patch.

“That’s why I need, and have experts that understand the games deeply and essentially think in game design mechanics to evaluate which of the historic data we can still take along with us. The most stressful time at DOJO is when we have big patches and we need to see what has changed, how big an impact it will have and what it means for our predictive models. That’s where the responsibility but also the skill and deeper understanding of the game of our data scientists at DOJO comes into play.”

Totally Gaming says: Esports betting is about to enjoy a bumper 2017 if the signs are to be believed. William Hill has just taken the first official esports bet in the US, while the technology and knowledge from bookmakers are catching up with the sports themselves. With the skin betting sector in the doldrums, there is an untapped demand there for professional bookmakers to service.

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