Study reveals Britons leave £15 in dormant gambling accounts

Study reveals Britons leave £15 in dormant gambling accounts

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Posted by Luke Massey
The findings came from a study into ‘Britons and their finances’

The Editor in Chief at has expressed surprise at the findings from his company’s study into ‘Britons and their finances’, which revealed that the average Briton with a dormant gambling account has left £14.96 unused.

While the Office of National Statistics states there are 50,909,098 people aged 18 and over in the UK, the study showed that 32% of the 2,408 adults involved had an account on a gambling site or app, which on a national scale would equate to a total of 16,290,911 people.

Of those who said they had an account, 22% admitted that it had been dormant ‘for a year or more’. Again, for a national representation, 22% of these 16,290,911 people would conclude that 3,584,000 million Britons hold a dormant account.

The average answer for how much money was left in an account was £14.96, which multiplied by the number of Britons estimated to have a dormant account, gives you a UK-wide total of over £53 million in unused gambling accounts.

John Pentin told “We were surprised to see that so many Britons are prepared to abandon £15; surely most of us wouldn’t turn it down, so why would you leave it in an online account to sit and gather virtual dust?

“You can withdraw the money into your bank account and use it, or you can place a bet, either way it’s better to use it and feel the value of it, instead of just forgetting about it altogether. Just because the money’s in an online account, doesn’t make it any less real.”

Totally Gaming says: While the relatively small sample size of 2,408 adults makes some of the conclusions seem exaggerated, it’s still interesting to see how many have dormant gambling accounts with unused money. After concluding that the bookies lost £10 million over the festive season in their first January release, has confirmed that it has numerous further studies underway, with outcomes to be revealed shortly.

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