Parlaying the pools with Commologic’s Tamir Berler

Parlaying the pools with Commologic’s Tamir Berler

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Posted by Andy McCarron
Company announces a second partner for BetUP product

Commologic is a start-up which has made great strides in introducing a truly innovative product into the sports-betting space with its BetUP pool-betting game that allows users to score points by predicting events taking place during a live football match. Having first signed up Unibet as its launch partner, it recently announced that Sportech’s Football Pools had added its name to the B2B network roster (pooling liquidity with Unibet), and with more partner signings imminent the product might soon be attracting even more atrention.

To mark the latest deal, spoke to founder and Israeli tech veteran Tamir Berler about how his experience managing the sports business unit at Playtech has helped him build a start-up business with real prospects of grabbing a toe-hold in the ultra-competitive sports-betting market.

Totally Gaming: You have been up and running with Unibet for a few months yet - what lessons have you learnt about how players respond to the product?

Tamir Berler: Firstly, I must say that Unibet was an amazing first-launch partner. Various teams worked around the clock with our team to make it happen and the fact we managed to complete the integration into all their platforms, including a standalone mobile app, and go-live within just four months from commencement of the project, is the proof of that. We have seen a very positive reaction from customers from day one – it seems like there is great thirst for innovations and new game formats. During the Euros we had 10,000s of customers playing live BetUP games.

TG: Could you describe what is unique about the BetUP product?

TB: The whole concept is quite new and first-to-market as far as we know. In BetUP we pool together entry fees and allocate prizes according to your place (rank) in the competition. A game starts when the whistle blows and players are prompted, simultaneously, to answer prediction questions relating to the next few minutes of the match. This repeats itself up to 15 times per 45-minute football half and all in perfect sync with the live action. We have developed a unique library of prediction questions that are more engaging and interesting compared to the repetitive and monotonous nature of regular betting markets. Our team picks the most interesting and relevant question out of this library at every minute of the match according to the action on the pitch.

TG: Do you think the new season marks the opportunity to engage with a wider, mass market football fan?

TB: Absolutely. Having Sportech’s iconic brand - The Football Pools - as our second partner, and joining liquidity with Unibet is a great step forward for us. It proves to the market that we can act as a real B2B network operator and not only a bespoke product for a specific operator. It will also see both Unibet and The Football Pools enjoying a win-win here, as both will share liquidity and enjoy the larger prize pools getting more traction from their existing and new customers.

TG: How do you think the market is responding to this type of more engaging product?

TB: These kind of products resonate well with recent market trends, especially when it comes to younger demographics and the more recreational sport fans. We have seen a lot of the one/five/10-minute markets evolving in recent years, both in-house and also by B2B providers. But what we do is quite unique. Betsafe’s recent Emperor app is quite interesting and I would expect others to emerge as we continue to establish our position in the market.

TG: Have you got more deals in the offing?

TB: We are making good progress with at least two more operators and in discussions with many others. We work closely with David Sargeant from iGaming Ideas, who helps us pushing the business forward, creating new partnerships and bring new ideas to the table. I am also delighted to say that we have just recently received our Malta license as well as Danish certification. That, in addition to our UK licenses, will allow us to further grow our B2B network and provide BetUP in more jurisdictions. As for product roadmap, we have many more features as well as new game formats coming soon.

Totally Gaming says: As founder Tamir Berler says, what Commologic’s BetUP product is attempting to do is bring live wagering opportunities to a wider audience than current in-play offerings appeal to. If BetUP can work as well with the Football Pools as it appears to have managed with Unibet, then it stands a chance of genuinely providing something different to the UK betting scene.

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