Pallone: DFS-supporting leagues want to keep all the cash

Pallone: DFS-supporting leagues want to keep all the cash

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 Totally Gaming
Frank Pallone accused the leagues of focusing on their own profits in fighting betting laws

US congressman and sports betting advocate Frank Pallone has continued his criticism of the relationship between the country’s major leagues and fantasy sports operators. reported last week that New Jersey Democrat Pallone had called for the influential Energy and Commerce Committee to launch a congressional hearing into the daily fantasy sports (DFS) sector and whether it should be exempt from prohibitive US betting laws.

Now Pallone has accused the major leagues of pushing for profits at the expense of sports integrity by continuing to oppose betting regulation while simultaneously signing partnerships and financial deals with DFS operators.

"What it has essentially done is carve out a way for the leagues and teams to do sports betting or gambling where they are the only ones that make any money," Pallone said, during a International Centre for Sport Security panel discussion.

Pallone is a supporter of regulated sports betting in New Jersey, and his comments come just weeks after a court sided with the major sports leagues in ruling that the state could not allow sports betting.

“They say that sports betting is immoral and it causes all kinds of problems for their players but they don't hesitate to get their players involved in all kinds of fantasy sports," Pallone said.

“That is why they are for the fantasy sports, because they are making the money. They don't want the state to make the money.”

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