OtherLevels addresses VAR and urgency of betting

OtherLevels addresses VAR and urgency of betting

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Posted by Craig Davies
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CEO Brendan O'Kane spoke at Betting on Football 2018

In-play betting across the whole sporting sphere continually remains a huge topic of conversation globally, with contextualisation and personalisation key components of customer engagement.

After launching its new in-play betting service last month at ICE London, which also aims to drive revenue for operators through its speedy nature and via the aforementioned fundamentals, OtherLevels has today spoken at Betting on Football 2018 regarding two crucial issues.

Opening day one of the conference in a panel titled “addressing the complexities of contextual marketing for in-play,” the firm's CEO Brendan O’Kane spoke alongside former Paddy Power Betfair head of online marketing Richard Harris.

Amongst the issues debated, including a simplification of messages, whether too much onus falls onto customers and market expansion, O’Kane also addressed the use of the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system within football.

Speaking about whether the system presents a difficulty for in-play products, or is an opportunity which could have a significant influence, O’Kane stated: “I think it is just going to create more opportunities basically, however, related to that is the fact that the main problem is we lose visibility of the user experience.

“So managing that is complex, because we have got those different silos of data, we’ve got many different data sources, so bringing those together helps us to try and make the best decision at the right time for the user.

“But if the user has got an experience where we are losing some visibility of that, then that creates a bit of a challenge as well.

“So we need to work out how we could deal with that, but I do think that it creates opportunities in the long term.”

Before going onto discuss recent scrutiny centred around regulations and the promotion of urgency of betting: “I can also comment on it from the point of view what is happening in Australia as well, where there has been a real clampdown on credit and obviously over here (the UK) you have got guidance around the use of the word ‘free’ and so on. I think that is a worldwide trend.

"I think what this means is that a well formed and strong call to action, but not one that is going to be inappropriate if directed at the right time, and based on the knowledge of a bettors behaviour, is going to get an outcome, without having to go back to language that now is being treated as inappropriate.

“So if anything, I think you can get tremendous engagement outcomes without having to use words like free, or in Australia offer credit and so on, and I think that is going to have to be the trend of the future because there’s going to be less opportunity to come up with stronger and stronger language, because it will just be deemed as inappropriate.”

Totally Gaming says: In-play betting is quite rightly a hugely significant part of a punters experience across a variety of sports in global markets, with OtherLevels aiming to get its product as close to one click betting as it possibly can. Whilst some issues require a tread carefully approach, it’s interesting to hear that VAR could present a volume of developmental opportunities.

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