Daglow highlights challenge of double-quick 'internet time'

Daglow highlights challenge of double-quick 'internet time'

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Totally Gaming

Video games industry trend-setter Don Daglow has urged iGaming industry to speed up their decision-making processes in order to keep up with accelerating “internet time”.

Daglow, a three-time Inc. 500 CEO and 2008 Technical Emmy Award recipient, is the only executive in the history of the games industry to lead development teams on every generation of the first three decades of video game consoles.

In leading the Outside-In bloc session on trends and directions for digital gaming content today (Wednesday) at EiG 2014 at Arena Berlin, Daglow told a captivated audience how companies need to look at creative ways of staying ahead of the curve.

“The rate of change keeps doubling and everything keeps getting twice as fast,” he said.

“When I advise teams, I ask them what they would do differently with their projects if they expected the rate of change to double.

“A lot of the time, teams find that the trade-off required to cut the time is acceptable. Often you can take a process and cut it in half and it will still work.

“Everyone is afraid of talking about working faster in front of the boss, but that is totally counter-intuitive.

“Crossing from console to mobile and browser is an incredibly difficult change to make as you are changing from one timeframe to another.

“But instead of being a victim of history and being swept along by internet time, you can try to be the master of your own time.”

In a broad presentation, Daglow acknowledged that looking 10 years into the future is almost impossible in an industry as fluid as iGaming, although he offered some pertinent advice to the audience regarding technology adoption.

“There are certain things we learn automatically as we grow up,” he added.

“Today’s interface is tomorrow’s intuition, and tomorrow’s interface is today’s magic. What are the things I couldn’t teach my parents, but my kids can already master?

“However, it is not enough just to innovate. You have to know what to do with your innovations. You have to innovate for yourself or someone else will innovate for you.”

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