Case study: Top tips on virtual sports

Case study: Top tips on virtual sports

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Totally Gaming
Steven Spartinos says that virtual sports have grown in credibility

Steven Spartinos co-founded Kiron Interactive in 2001 and has been at the forefront of virtual sports provision ever since.

In the early years, the vertical was seen as the perfect content ‘filler’ for down-time in retail estates. As the industry developed and the quality of virtual content improved, it rapidly grew online.

As a result, there are few if any online sportsbooks anywhere in the world who don’t now offer their customers virtual sports or numbers games.

In recent times, however, suppliers like Kiron have seen significant new interest from casino operators looking to offer extra entertainment to their customers via an added dimension to their product suite.

But with options aplenty, what should these operators have on their checklists as they go in search of a virtual solution? Here are Steven’s five Top Tips:

Content is king

The days of ‘cartoon racing’ were consigned to the past a long time ago. But that doesn’t mean there are not still large discrepancies between the quality of the graphics and sound on offer from different providers.

Brought up on video games, the next generation of online gamblers expect good quality, realistic games. Those games need to entertain and recreate the thrill of the racecourse or live football match.

Our content includes digitised horse and dog tracks which local audiences in different territories are familiar with. If games are not believable they’re not credible. Don’t be tempted by cheap alternatives.

Local focus

Most suppliers have got horses and dogs these days, but what else can they offer you? Football is universally popular, but what about content that your specific audience wants to bet on? Is that audience a fan of racquet sports like tennis and badminton, or do they prefer motorsports or cycling?

The betting content on sportsbooks is tailored to local needs. There is now no reason why virtual sports shouldn’t be the same. Relevance is important, even on a random generator product. If it comes out of a one-size fits all box, you can guarantee there has been no ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Breadth and depth

One of the attractions of virtual sports to casino customers is its high-frequency, spin and win qualities. After each spin of the reels or roulette table is followed swiftly by another. But in order to keep pace, your virtual provider has to have a regular stream of events that keeps the customer glued to their screens.

They don’t want to have to wait around for the next betting opportunity. Events – and different sports – have to run in parallel. Not every supplier can do this – and it is critical for revenues and retention.

Virtuals operate at a much higher margin than their real-life equivalents and cost a fraction to run. But keeping a punter playing is critical to this.

Watching your Wallet

Adding virtual sports to your offering is easiest via an RGS solution that takes away the hassle of different wallets for both customers and operators alike. You don’t wanted to be fiddling around multiple transaction platforms.

Integrations should be as straight forward as taking a new slot game from a supplier. If it’s not, you’re backing the wrong horse.

A simple bet management tool, such as Kiron’s Betman Online, should be a given too. It shouldn’t require any additional investment on your part and should do all of the work so you don’t have to.

There are no expensive trading teams with virtual sports or risk management issues that can be daunting on your own or expensive when outsourced. The beauty of virtual sports is its simplicity.

Certify or die!

As with all third-party products, certification and licencing is increasingly important. Not only does your virtual supplier have to be compliant with local regulations and licences, their products have to be properly tested too. If they’re not, you’re taking a risk.

At Kiron we work with the top testing houses around the world and always make sure our software and products remains of the highest standards. That’s why we now work with operators on four continents, be they retail or online, sportsbook or casino. 


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