Career Profile: Anli Kotzé, CEO, BetTech Gaming

Career Profile: Anli Kotzé, CEO, BetTech Gaming

Thursday, April 2, 2015 Totally Gaming

Anli Kotzé, who played hockey for South Africa at two editions of the Olympic Games, is now the chief executive of software and services provider BetTech Gaming. Here she tells about her move from sport to the gaming industry and why the South African market is ripe for growth.


Name: Anli Kotzé

Role: CEO, BetTech Gaming

Education: Stellenbosch University, Philosophy

Experience: BetTech, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Betway, Ramsay Media, Touchline Media

Insight Tell us about your Olympic hockey career and how you moved into the regulated gaming industry...

Anli Kotzé: "I joined the South African women’s hockey team in 1998 and went on to play in two Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games and a World Cup. Sport has always been a passion of mine, both playing and watching.

"My route into the regulated gaming industry started when I looked around for an online marketing role. I saw that the publishing industry was going to hit tough times and that there was an opportunity for growth in the digital industry. I went for an interview to join Betfair’s poker team and luckily managed to get the role. At first I had not clue about the industry but quickly saw the opportunity for growth as it is a gaming and technology industry with sports added to it." As an Olympian, have you ever had any concerns about becoming involved in the gaming industry and potential integrity issues?

AK: "Because I didn’t know much about the industry when I landed the job at Betfair I didn’t think too much about it at the time. As time went by I realised it is an industry that can be labelled and questioned – like the alcohol industry.

"As with many things it is about balance and moderation on a personal level, but from a regulatory perspective it is important to have the right frameworks in place. The only way to ensure save environments within which people can enjoy their gaming is by putting the right regulations in place." What have been the defining moments in your career so far?

AK: "Being part of the team to launch Ladbrokes in South Africa was a highlight for me. It taught me a lot about what it takes to launch an operator in a new market and how important it is to offer a localised product and service.

"This experience led me on to BetTech Gaming – where I have had many highlights over the past two years. Being involved in a young, ambitious and fast growing company with excellent people is a great privilege." Tell us about BetTech Gaming...

AK: "BetTech Gaming is a software manufacturer and we supply services to the gaming industry. Our focus is mainly on Africa, and with so many opportunities and the variances in landscape, we’re being kept on our toes.

"Playing a partnership role with our clients allows us to grow with them in their businesses. Technology is a key component in an operator’s success.

"The African landscape is very different to the European one and being able to work on product solutions that cater for the various markets is very exciting. We offer a wagering platform with the opportunity to add on various products, such as sports betting, casino and virtual games, via a range of channels, such as retail, web and mobile.

"From an integration point of view we offer two options: full integration onto the BetTech platform or a simple plugin via API into another platform. With the plug-in option we’re able to provide certain modules of our platform to operators sitting on other platforms. It is a great opportunity for established operators to add on to their existing offering without having to move off their core platform." Having now worked for a number of companies in gaming, do you feel you will stay in the industry?

AK: "I tried to leave the industry once and it only lasted a year. The speed and growth of the industry excites me. Right now I feel being on the B2B and technology side of the industry is ideal. I’m passionate about providing a good product and service to operators to help them grow, which ultimately generates revenue for BetTech.

"The African market excites me. The entrepreneurial spirit we encounter on a daily basis is so motivating. It makes us strive to be even more innovative and learn about each of our operators and their markets."

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