Bet365 strikes first with partial cash-out option

Bet365 strikes first with partial cash-out option

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Totally Gaming

Bet365 has become the first sports betting company to roll out a partial ‘cash-out’ option to punters.

Bet365, which began offering Cash Out in late 2013, will soon be followed by Betfair and Paddy Power in offering partial cash-outs.

The existing cash-out offering gives customers the chance to end their wager before it concludes. The difference now is that, using a sliding scale, customers will be able to end part of their bet and receive a payout, while keeping other parts of the bet open.

The cash-out function has been developed in-house by Bet365, which is said to be keen on offering a service that will help it stand out from competition in the market.

While Bet365 is leading the pack in terms of offering the new facility, it has revealed that it has actually used a seemingly archaic programming language to improve its cash-out offering.

In an interview with, Dan Macklin, head of R&D at Bet365, said that it used Erlang script on several projects due to issues with .NET and Java.

Erlang is a language that was developed in the 1990s by Ericsson to run the Swedish company's AXD range of telephone exchanges.

Macklin said: “We adopted it because of its simplicity, reliability and scalability.

“Building telephony exchanges is challenging because they have to run reliably at huge scale. In the telecoms industry reliability is everything as it was normal practice to fine suppliers for downtime. This pedigree in reliability and scale makes Erlang extremely applicable for a number of use cases at Bet365.

“The main problem with cash-out is that it takes data from markets that are changing all of the time, and then on a per-user basis, uses it to calculate what every bet is worth for every user at any point in time.

“Lots of other development platforms are adopting functionality from Erlang, which is great. However, we prefer Erlang because these features are built into the core of the language, rather than being bolted on as a library on the side.”

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